Battlefield 5 Update 6.0 and 6.2 detailed – TTK roll back incoming (kind of)

DICE have posted a few details of what Battlefield V players can expect in upcoming updates and Chapter 6 of the game’s Tides of War, addressing some of the long-running controversy in the game’s community over time to kill (TTK) changes made in the last major update.

With Chapter 5, the War in the Pacific set to wrap up at the end of this month, Chapter 6 will bring with it a new map, some new weapons and new gadgets. However, the news that people have really been hoping for is that DICE will be reverting some of the controversial TTK changes made in Update 5.2. That saw a sweeping rebalance of all the game’s weapons, increasing the time to kill alongside the addition of controversial spotting abilities that dramatically changes.


Unfortunately for the many vocal disaffected players on the game’s subreddit, that won’t be in time for the more content oriented Update 6.0, but will instead come in Update 6.2. DICE say that for that update, “you’re going to find that in close quarters much of the same Recoil, and Rate of Fire that you’re previously accustomed to will return.”

However, they’re doubling down on the philosophy that led to these changes, and state that this is not a full reversion to the 5.0 game balance.

We will continue to operate a damage model that ensures that weapons that are designed to be lethal in close quarters will still do less damage beyond 30M than experienced in 5.0, however we’re making adjustments to the damage curves to ensure that the damage drop off doesn’t feel as instant or severe. Weapons that should be more effective at range such as the Semi Auto Rifles and Pistol Carbines will have their damage drop offs extended, ensuring that they regain a purpose closer to their design and perform significantly better at range. Similar changes are also being made across MG’s and AR’s, and I will keep you updated as we finalize the design, and move them into a shippable state.

In summary, TTK should be going back to the levels found in 5.0, but with a larger drop off at range, just not a cliff edge.

One thing that definitely won’t be changing is the auto-snap introduced on console in update 5.2, with community manager PartWelsh explaining, “This won’t be changing, but options to manage the strength of this for your personal preference is targeted to ship in 6.0.”

Update 6.0 and Chapter 6 will not be arriving until some time after next week, with more details to be outlined before then.

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