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PlayStation has the highest customer brand loyalty according to one study

A website called Best SEO Companies has carried out a study looking at brand loyalty across different industries including the gaming industry. Before we get into the results when it comes to these studies we need to know the scope and location as well as the limitations of such a study. Best SEO’s study survey was answered by 1003 people across different generations. According to the figures, there were 225 Baby Boomers, 300 Gen X’ers, 328 Millenials, and 150 Gen Z’ers. However, there’s quite a high margin of error for each group coming in at 7%, 6%, 5%, and 8% respectively. Looking at some of the questions it appears this study was also limited to the US. With that in mind here are the results that this survey found.

When it came to video games 40.7% of responders were loyal to PlayStation, 31% to Xbox, and 30.4% to Nintendo. The survey then lumped gaming PC brands and gaming laptop brands under one umbrella splitting them at 14.7% and 8.6% respectively. Virtual reality made a bit of a dent with 3.6% of respondents saying they had some loyalty to HTC Vive and 3.3% did to Oculus Rift. In terms of the new generation of consoles a third of respondents want to buy the PS5, while a quarter wants the Xbox Series X. 8% said they would buy both of the machines.

On the mobile side, which is now a big player in the games industry, there was almost an even split between operating systems. 49.2% preferred Android devices while 44.9% preferred Apple’s ecosystem. 5.8% had no loyalty to any of the platforms which could be for a number of reasons including not using smartphones or prioritising other elements over what system a phone is using.

When it comes to picking good 90.3% prioritised price with 69.2% also saying online reviews played a factor, along with 53.6% saying good word of mouth also influenced them. Brand recognition was only a big factor for 33.7% while a company’s political views and eco-friendliness accounted for 11.6% and 17.8% respectively. Gen Z’ers were twice as likely to play eco-friendliness as a top priority compared to other groups.

And if you’re wondering about the other areas, Nike is the most popular trainers brand and McDonald’s the most popular fast food brand.

Source: Best SEO Companies

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  1. With such a small number of participants it’s a bit pointless, just like those stupid adverts where 87% (or something) agree out of about 107….pointless!

    • Agreed (especially regarding cosmetic adverts with 100 participants.. big whoop!). A study with around 5000-10000 participants would have given a better indication, though, considering there are literally millions (even 10s to 100s million) of gamers, how good of a reflection can we ever get?

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