Samurai Shodown’s Season 2 DLC characters have been revealed

While SNK haven’t been the most prolific publisher in recent years, the return of the iconic Samurai Shodown last year turned out to be a genuine highlight in the 2D fighter sphere. Not only did it earn a nomination for Best Fighting Game at The Game Awards 2019, it also gained an extremely positive 8/10 in our review, with our very own Nick P saying that it’s “great for new people looking to get into fighting games”. On top of that, and thanks to SNK’s wonderful generosity, you might just have been lucky enough to snag Season 1’s entire downloadable roster for free.

Now Season 2 is incoming, bringing with it four new faces to parry, portion and put down. Three of those have been announced, with returning faces Mina, Sogetsu, and Iroha joining the fray, with the first of these set to arrive next month. Pulling from Samurai Shodown IV, V and VI, fans of the series will no doubt be overjoyed to see them return. The fourth character is yet to be revealed, but with the recent crossing over of Haohmaru to Soul Calibur 6 it’s not a massive leap to believe that Mitsurugi could move in the opposite direction.

Samurai Shodown is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia – where it was one of the first free games for Stadia Pro subscribers – though they’ll be joined on the 25th of February by the much anticipated Nintendo Switch version. Those looking to test their sword skills on the go will immediately have access to all of the Season 1 characters as well as the first of the Season 2 offerings. Growing from the base game’s sixteen characters, the roster will have swelled to a muscular twenty-five by the time the second season closes out, making now the perfect time to jump into the game for the first time.

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