TheSixthAxis Super Bowl LIV prediction with Madden 20

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and given that we all love a bit of guesswork we decided to get in on the Super Bowl predictions with the able assistance of Madden 20. Under the current rosters Kansas have the slight edge, with a 84 overall rating to the 49ers’ 83, but as we know anything can happen. Still, here’s a rundown of our Madden simulation of tonight’s game!

Kansas City win the toss and opt to receive. It’s a quick three and out though, with the SF defence immediately putting paid to any thoughts of an opening drive touchdown. SF’s offense take to the field and look to get the running game going, but a sack on second down meant that they have to go for a pass on third and long. Kittle can’t bring it in, with Ty Mathieu earning his name as the Honey Badger and breaking things up. SF have to punt the ball away.


With Kansas City and Mahomes back on the field, the next thing to happen is a SF fans worst nightmare, with Mahomes airing it out to Hill who hawls it in and follows it up with an insane run the length of the field, for a KC touchdown. The extra point is good and it’s 7-0 Chiefs.

Things don’t get much better, as Jimmy G’s crew suffer again at the hands of the KC defense, unable to make any gains by running the ball. On the second set of downs on the drive Garoppolo throws to Kittle on second down, the ball bounces out of the TE’s hands and into the waiting arms of Thornhill.

The next few minutes see Kansas march their way down the field, and while the 49ers D have their moments, preventing a run here, breaking up a pass there, it culminates in a second touchdown from Kansas City after 10 minutes of play, and it’s 14-0.

With their offense back on the field, San Francisco start to make inroads with the running game. Garoppolo connects with Pettis for some passing yards and finally, having made it to the 3 yard line, McKinnon runs the ball in for a SF touchdown, with 53 seconds left to play in the first. 14-7.

The 2nd quarter starts off with KC on 3rd and 3, and Mahomes connects with Kelce for a huge chunk of yardage. They push the running game behind Williams and continue to stomp their way up the field, until they hit the 3 yard line, and Mahomes connects with Williams for the touchdown. 21-7 for the Chiefs.

Both teams then go back to back three and out, punting the ball deep into their rivals half. San Francisco aren’t done yet though, and behind some great throws from Garoppolo the 49ers score to make it 21-14 with 5 minutes left to play in the second.

The San Francisco defence looks fantastic against the Kansas City running game, but every time Mahomes looks to throw he manages to connect. There’s a huge third down on the San Fran 13yd line, but Mahomes takes his time and connects with Robinson to take it to 28-14 just before the half. SF make a brief run up the field, and real life would have probably seen them attempt a lengthy field goal where Madden 20 lets the time run out.

At half time, Madden 20’s stat breakdown shows that it’s doing a pretty good job of simulating the two team’s strengths, with 218 passing yards for KC, over SF’s 124, while SF have 88 yards of rushing to KC’s 44.

3rd quarter, SF receive. Garoppolo comes out swinging, advancing his team behind McKinnon and Coleman, ending in a second Pettis touchdown. The 49ers are still in it, with the score 28-21.

Things slow down in the third quarter, but there’s a huge moment at the six-minute mark. The Chiefs are on third and goal are looking like they’ll plough into the endzone once again. However, a huge stop from Colbert keeps them out, forcing them to bring the kicking team onto the pitch. The field goal is good, taking the score to 31-21 but San Francisco are showing real signs of life.

At the two minute mark, the 49ers are in control and have made it to the Chiefs 9yd line. A huge sack from the Chiefs’ Nnadi makes it 2nd & Goal though, and following that it’s clear that Madden 20 thinks Garoppolo is flustered. With bags of time, and under no pressure, Garoppolo throws a pick straight into the hands of Ragland, ending the drive, and dashing the 49ers spirit in the process.

That must be the case for what happens next. As we begin the fourth quarter Mahomes connects with Kelce for a 20yd gain, then Williams for a further 9. At the San Fran 19yd line the Chiefs then edge it forward for another fresh set of downs and while the 49ers defence, helped ably by the incredible Sherman, manage to contain them for a few moments longer Mahomes fires one into Thompson on 3rd & Goal and scores yet again. The extra point is good and it’s 38-21.

San Fran have things going briefly their way; a couple of great passes and holding from the defence brings them to the Chiefs 9, but again Garoppolo can’t find anyone. They send out Gould on fourth down and make it 38-24.

There’s 7:44 left on the clock. The Chiefs have a nice kick return that sets them up at their own 33, but they don’t get anywhere on this drive. In turn the 49ers have a decent drive that ends with nothing. Kansas City then get the ball back with 1:19 on the clock, the game’s won, but they decide to run the ball anyway from their own 35yd line. Mahomes hands it off to Williams who breaks two tackles, forces another tackle to miss and runs it home for a 65yd touchdown. The extra point is good and it’s 45-24.

San Francisco then have just over a minute with the ball to save face. It doesn’t work out that way though. On 3rd & 1, Jimmy G throws to the edge but the Chiefs Lee is waiting, grabbing the ball and running it home for yet another TD. One more extra point, and a brief bit of play from San Fran and it’s all over. The Chiefs decimate the 49ers, 52-24.

Madden 20 might not be that far off either. I want to see the 49ers raise the Lombardi trophy again, but Mahomes has picked apart the Titans and the Texans in emphatic style, and particularly after the Texans game you wouldn’t be able to write off such a flattering score line as Madden has chucked up. Can the 49ers defence hold true? Will they let Jimmy G actually throw the ball? We’ve only got a few hours to go before we find out!


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  1. Well, you got the very opening right, but soon as SF get the ball it starts going awry. ;)

    • But the result was right, so… Madden wins!

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