Valve Index production affected by coronavirus, fewer units available than planned

Valve has confirmed that the Valve Index VR headset production has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, which means there are going to be fewer units released than planned. Currently, the Steam page for the Valve Index has a notify me button for players to get notified for when the headset is back in stock. With Half-Life: Alyx being released next month demand for the headset has increased. In a statement given to Road To VR Valve said:

“We are working hard to meet demand for the Valve Index and want to reassure everyone that Index systems will be available for purchase prior to the game’s launch. However, the global coronavirus health crisis has impacted our production schedules so we will have far fewer units for sale during the coming months compared to the volumes we originally planned. Our entire team is working hard right now to maximize availability.”

The coronavirus outbreak is having an effect on all industries including the gaming one. Esports events have been canceled including Overwatch League in China and PUBG’s PBS Berlin event, Sony has backed out of PAX East and GDC due to the virus, and Square Enix has also limited itself for PAX East. The Nintendo Switch’s production has also been affected and led to shortages of the console, and the Switch port of The Outer Worlds was also delayed due to production issues that came about because of the coronavirus.

At the start of the year Valve announced that it has overhauled the soundtrack system on Steam meaning that going forward soundtrack will no longer be classed as DLC. Where soundtracks were classed as DLC you needed to own the game to purchase a soundtrack, and have that game downloaded to access the music as well. Now a new soundtrack app will allow people to purchase game music without having to have owned the accompanying game in the first place.

Source: Road To VR

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