Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 is called Once Upon A Rust, out now

Activision has announced that Season 6 for Call of Duty: Mobile is now live, and this season goes by the name Once Upon A Rust. The main addition to Season 6 of the game is two new game modes which are Capture the Gold and 1v1 Duel. The map Rust has also been added into the game. Capture the Gold is similar to Capture the Flag except instead of going for a flag players have to steal the gold from the enemy spawn and protecting the team member who is carrying it. Meanwhile, in 1v1 Duel players will be thrown into a brand new map called Saloon which has been designed with those mode in mind. You can pick your loadout and the first to seven wins in a round wins that round, and the overall winner is the one who wins the two our of three rounds.


A Gold Rush event will be taking place later on in the season and in this players will be able to get Gold Bars in the modes Kill Confirmed and Battle Royale. These Gold Bars will be exchangeable for various rewards including an Epic gun. In Battle Royale, the way to earn the bars will be through finding treasure maps and then going to the sites to find them while avoiding getting taken out. Another event called Rust the Dust is taking place where players will fight on the map in a variety of modes and players will earn western style gear by completing objectives. Battle Royale will also see the addition of a new class called Poltergeist. The Poltergeist event will last for a week and those will play the class will be granted active camo that grants invisibility for a time and a Voidwalker ability that will let players move faster while you are cloaked.

Source: Activision

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