Save up to 80% in the PlayStation Store Hidden Gems sale

You know the drill, PlayStation store games but cheaper, grouped together in a random fashion and this time it’s ‘hidden gems’. The games include Destiny 2, Life is Strange 2, Overcooked, and Sniper Elite 3. Never heard of any of them, have you?

Top picks for me would be the aforementioned Life is Strange 2 Complete Season and Sea of Solitude, the sale runs until 11.59pm BST on 20th May, here is the full list.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. flOw was an early PS3 release, i remember standing with the sixaxis in my hand, transfixed by the gameplay and my body tilting subtly with the pad as i steered the creature about the screen devouring all the things and the pleasing evolution of the creature’s appearance as it grew and the wonderfully chill soundtrack. And FLOWER was my therapy during a particularly bad patch i experienced. Both of these games have really simple mechanics and the audio and visuals are like a little massage for your mind. If you’re feeling stressed during lockdown and want a little bit of calm, look no further than those two.

  2. Real Farm is down to 79p from £34.99.

  3. Does anyone know if Blacksad is playable yet?
    Heard it was very buggy but I’m a massive fan of the comic so have been wanting to play this.

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