Deal Watch: you can pick up NBA 2K20 for £2.49 right now

While we’re all stuck inside we’ve seen some amazing giveaways and sales to keep us all gaming, all with the aim of keeping everyone else safe from the ongoing pandemic. 2K are the next ones on the bandwagon and you can pick up their stellar basketball sim, NBA 2K20 for as low as £2.49. That’s a lot of baskets, balls and tall people for your money. If that sounds like your… basket…. well, here are all those links.

£3.99 on PSN


£2.49 on Xbox Live

£2.49 on Nintendo eshop

£2.60 on Google Stadia

£13.19 on Steam

We enjoyed NBA 2K20 on Switch this year, awarding it a very good 8/10, saying “For Switch-owning sports fans there’s nothing that comes close to NBA 2K20. Boasting great visuals, stellar gameplay and a feature-rich range of play types, there’s something for everyone, and while VC is still a ‘feature’ that we’d rather didn’t have a place in modern sports titles, it’s been balanced back in the favour of actual gameplay.”

The more powerful console and PC versions of the game are exactly the same – it’s worth noting you can play NBA 2K20 for free with Xbox Game Pass right now – but with even better visuals. It’s the perfect time to be hopping into 2K20 as well, with the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance currently playing on Netflix putting the legend, and the sport, back into everyone’s minds.

Of course, concerns have been raised over VC in 2K’s most profitable sports franchise, but we found things a bit easier going this year saying “With the emphasis on creating multiple character builds it feels like that’s 2K’s real play for your cash, but in the meantime they’ve upped the amount you can earn and win elsewhere. Alongside the currency you earn from playing the game, which includes daily and weekly bonuses and Endorsements which can both pay out in a big way. You can earn free VC in the MyNBA 2K20 mobile game or create a ‘farming’ character to help bring in some of those virtual bucks to spend on your main character. It’s as pervasive as ever, but the grind seems to be better balanced than it has done the last two years for those not spending real money. MyTeam is the mode that suffers most from a pay-to-win ethos, but, all things considered, it didn’t hurt my time with the game.”

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