Ninjala’s second open beta has been announced, and it will run at the end of May

GungHo has announced that it will be running a second open beta for its arena brawler Ninjala, and that it will take place on May 31st for Switch. This follows the open beta that was carried out last month. This second open beta will feature both the training mode and the eight player arena battle mode, along with four of the 12 weapons that will be in the full release. The weapons are the Ippon Katana, Drill Beat, SK8 Hammer, and Trick Ball. Just like the previous beta this Ninjala beta will not require a Nintendo Online subscription.
Alongside the announcement of the next Ninjala beta a new developer diary has also been released. This diary goes into how Ninjala will be monetised at launch with players having the option of buying the in game currency Jala, how Ninja Medals can be used, and how Shinobi Cards can be used to power up the characters.

The times of when the open beta will take place in each region can be found below:
May 30, 12:00-13:59 JST
May 31, 12:00-21:59 JST
North and Central America
May 31, 12:00-21:59 PDT
May 31, 11:00-20:59 BST
May 31, 12:00-21:59 CEST
Asia and Oceania
May 31, 14:00-23:59 AEST
May 31, 12:00-21:59 HKT
Ninjala is described as “a free-to-play online Ninja-Gum Action game featuring a colorful cast of young ninjas who engage in dynamic battles while free-running across vast environments. Create a custom avatar and wield a variety of special items and abilities, highlighted by the use of wacky, distinctive “Ninja-Gum” weapons and ninjutsu techniques. Cement your supremacy in the free-for-all Battle Royale mode, or work together with friends in 4v4 team matches”
The game will be available on June 24th for Switch.
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