The Last of Us Part II’s launch trailer is here

The launch trailer for The Last of Us Part II has arrived, keeping things mercifully short, sweet and spoiler free ahead of the game’s release date on 19th June. You can watch it here:

Yup, that’s right. There’s just ten words to it, and seventeen seconds of footage before the video cuts to the title card and moves on to promoting the release date. In fact, there’s more of the video dedicated to linking to other, longer trailers and streams, such as the official story trailer and the State of Play broadcast from the end of last month.

It’s a far cry from other launch trailers, which have fallen into the bad habit of dropping major story beats, a tradition enshrined in the entertainment industry since the twist from Terminator 2 was revealed in one of its trailers.

Jim has been playing The Last of Us Part II for our upcoming review but we’ve been able to share some gameplay impressions – spoiler free, of course. Read the full impressions article here, but here’s a short snippet:

This is by far Naughty Dog’s best-looking game to date. Next to Uncharted 4 the two appear evenly matched in terms of visual fidelity when comparing still images, but that four year gap has allowed them to flex, especially when it comes to character animations and the sheer amount of tiny details. If bloody violence is your bag, you’ll revel in how enemies can be torn apart, limbs flying and heads bursting like watermelons.

In short, Naughty Dog have made sensible yet inventive refinements to that core gameplay from The Last of Us. What’s particularly interesting as a fan of their work is seeing how design choices from Uncharted have clearly bled into Part II, lending that same degree of immersion of experimentation that manages to feel fresh and original.

Expect our review for The Last of Us: Part II to go live on Friday June 12th at 8:01am BST / 12:01am PT / 3:01am ET.

The Last of Us Part II was originally slated to launch next week on May 29th but was delayed once again, this time thanks to the current coronavirus pandemic. It will now release on June 19th. As a result, Ghost of Tsushima has also been pushed back into July along with Iron Man VR.

Source: Naughty Dog

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