Media Molecule announces community convention DreamsCom

Media Molecule has announced a digital conference of its own called DreamsCom, and it will be hosting this event on June 30th. As you may guess from the name this conference is all about Dreams, and the focus will be community-created content. Almost everything shown will be made by the community and applications are open now to take part.

Of course, there are rules to follow to be able to showcase a creation and those are listed below.

  • The content of your booth must be yours (you may love The Rake, but leave that to j_plusb!) It must also not violate our Community Guidelines or infringe on other peoples IP.
  • Maximum thermometer for each booth: 8% gameplay, 10% graphics, 5% audio.
  • The dimensions of the booth cannot be changed (by stretching sculpts, resizing it manually, or otherwise), and the booth must be kept static (i.e. does not move or rotate).
  • Everything added to the booth template must be contained within the dimensions of the booth – i.e. no extruding sculpts, paintings, text displayers, etc. If paintings are used, they must not be duplicated using the Around Camera option as they will extend beyond your booth. This also includes objects animated using keyframes or action recorders.
  • The booth should not contain any logic which alters gameplay (e.g. checkpoints, prize bubbles, global settings, rumblers, variables and variable modifiers), logic which might affect puppets (e.g. force appliers, health modifiers), or emitters and destroyers, as they will likely affect the performance of the scene in which the booth is displayed.
  • The booth should not include any light gadgets, but sculpts or paintings in the booths can use glow as long as the light the objects emit does not extend beyond the dimensions of the booth.
  • The booth should not include cameras or logic which affects the player camera, such as camera shakers, camera pointers, and wipers.
  • You may paint the banner on the outer side of the booth and you can add text displayers to add the name of your showcase or extra information, but the text must appear as though it is on the banner, and must not be purposely positioned outside of the dimensions of your booth.
  • If you would like to include audio in your booth, it must be 3D panned so that it doesn’t interfere with audio that might be included in other booths. Tweak each sound/instrument to enable 3D panning, then change the Fade Zone inner radius to 1.0m, the outer radius multiplier to 65%, and extra reverb radius to 0%.
  • If you would like to showcase a demo of your project in a separate scene, you can place a doorway in your booth. Please make sure to label it so it matches the name of the scene you want to show off, and we will add a button prompt which will take the player to your demo if they are inside your booth.

The livestream from Media Molecule will begin at 5PM BST/9AM PST, and after that live stream the Dreams Community Showcase show floor will open up.

Source: Media Molecule

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  1. Cool idea, but I bet loads of people will have their booths disqualified for infringing on the rules

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