Free Overcooked 2 – Sun’s Out, Buns Out DLC comes out in July

Team17 and Ghost Town Games know what’s up; when the sun comes out to play, so do the buns (lockdown be damned). Still, we can’t be out in the sun all the time, and so they’ve cooked up a free new Sun’s Out, Buns Out DLC bundle for Overcooked! 2.

Sun’s Out, Buns Out will be coming to Overcooked! 2 on 5th July for PC via Steam, with console versions for PS4, Xbox One and Switch coming at a later date.

The update throws two new doggy chefs into the kitchen, introduces a new ice cream float and summer salad recipe, adds five new kitchens to cook in, and introduces some new hazards, like fireworks!

Overcooked 2 has had a bunch of expansions since its release, with a lot of freebies alongside the paid ones. That’s included the Winter Wonderland update for Christmas, and a celebration of the Year of the Rat in Spring.

In our review of Overcooked! 2 Jim wrote:

“Overcooked 2 may be short on surprises, but that’s totally fine. It expands and refines exactly what we loved about the original, with plenty of fun and challenging stages to be played again and again, whether alone, with friends, or online. You couldn’t ask much more from this indie sequel: a filling follow-up that, while familiar, will have fans reaching for their aprons on launch day.”

You can read the full Overcooked! 2 review here.

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