Sony boost PlayStation 5 production due to the COVID-19 pandemic

One of the very few industries to see a boost during the current pandemic is gaming, with large chunks of the world locked in at home they have turned to video games for entertainment. With that in mind Sony have double the amount of PlayStation 5 consoles they intend to produce in the coming months and have also increased the number of DualSense controllers in production.

The had previously said they were aiming for 5-6 million consoles by March 2021, that has now increased to 10 million. However, there may still be shortages of the console as they are manufactured in China and delivered across the world via shipping containers which can take a very long time to reach their destination.


“Sony began PS5 mass production in June and, under the latest plan, expects to assemble 5 million units by the end of September and another 5 million between October and December,” report Bloomberg. “A large portion of the latter tranche would turn into stock for 2021 due to the logistical delay. Sony could try to use air cargo for faster delivery, as it did in 2013 around the launch of the PlayStation 4, though airlines are running vastly reduced schedules due to Covid-19 and Sony’s ability to reserve flights would be limited.”

Sony are set to reveal more games and, possibly, the price of the console next month.

Sony recently revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 game boxes using the next-gen exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales to show off the familiar but stylish new design that’s true to the new PlayStation 5 console design.

Check it out:

It’s certainly a bold look to the white on blue of the PlayStation 4 era, keeping with the white and black design of the PlayStation 5.

Outside of the PlayStation 5 game reveal in June and the technical reveal in March, Sony have been content to drop one little morsel of news about the next generation at a time. Revealing the box art is about as big or small as revealing the PS5 logo back in January (and nothing else) at CES. Of course, as a marketing strategy, it seems to be working. That logo reveal became the most-liked video game Instagram post ever, despite if being barely different from the PS4 logo.

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. There was a good article i read a week or two ago about the manufacturing of PS4s a Sony factory in Japan. It’s the first time Sony has allowed cameras in and showed a lot of the production lines. The only human interaction is putting the PCB on at the start and packing at the end, all the rest of the build is done by some of the most advanced robots anywhere.
    It’ll be a while before the PS5 production is fully automated but it will happen sooner rather than later.

    • And when these PS5-making robots rise up and overthrow their human masters??

      Probably most people will be saying “Fine, whatever, didn’t really expect anything else from 2020”

      Still, at least we’ll have shiny new PS5s. Looks like they’ll have made more than when the PS4 launched, and that didn’t have any stock problems. If they can get them from China in time, that is.

      • They don’t need to rise up, they’ll just set up the software to reprogram all of us. And then, Microsoft fangirls will start the resistance against the evil ro-Sony-bots.
        At the moment, that’s the most likely way Microsoft will have any impact next gen.

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