Microsoft Flight Simulator PC VR and TrackIR support announced

Microsoft Flight Simulator is looking quite incredible, but to make the game experience all the more immersive, Microsoft and Asobo have announced that it will support TrackIR head tracking on day one – the game is out on 18th August – and will be getting support for VR later this year.

They’ve also released a new trailer looking at the various highly detailed planes and the hand-crafted airports that will feature in the game alongside the ones generated from satellite and flyover imagery.


TrackIR support will be available from day one, allowing you to use the tech’s sensors to track your head and look around the cockpit. In this manner, you’ll be able to look at controls and toggle them instead of reach for a mouse for the more complicated interactions with your plane.

Later this year that will be joined with support for VR, but (and this is a bit but) this will be exclusive to the upcoming HP Reverb G2 headset on PC when that launches this autumn. We fully expect end users to dive into the game’s files and tear down this particular exclusive wall, just as they did with games and content that were exclusive to the Oculus Rift store when that headset launched in 2016, making it compatible with the HTC Vive.

The Reverb G2 has been made in collaboration with both Microsoft for Windows Mixed Reality and Valve for Steam VR, and speaking of Steam… the game will be available on Steam from day one, just as with most of Microsoft’s first party titles.

Looking to the game’s future, Asobo have committed to continuing to evolve and modify the game world after launch. Everything has been generated from satellite and flyover imagery, and because of that, they can feed new data into their generation system and make improvements to the machine learning algorithms over time to create a more and more realistic world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is out for PC on 18th August, with the promise of an Xbox home console release at some point in the future. Maybe around the launch of the Xbox Series X? Hmmm? Wouldn’t that be a good idea Microsoft?

You may want to check if Microsoft Flight Simulator will run on your PC, and you can check the full specs list here. Stefan had some hands on time with Microsoft Flight Simulator back in December, and he wrote:

“Needless to say, I came away from Flight Simulator very impressed. The series evolved a great deal from its humble beginnings in the 80s through to Flight Simulator X in 2006, and that style of flight sim continued with games like X-Plane and Aerofly, but Flight Simulator is something else entirely with its worldwide scope. This is absolutely one to keep an eye on in 2020.”

You can read the full Microsoft Flight Simulator preview article here.

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  1. TrackIR is a welcome addition from day 1, VR is an exciting prospect but I certainly won’t have the specs to run it!

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