What We Played #461 – Ghost of Tsushima, Fall Guys & Pokémon Go

It’s hot! Today may not be the day for blasting more heat into your living room via your PC or console fans, as you might melt into a puddle of goop, but I’m sure you’ve had some opportunity elsewhere for playing some games.

We certainly have, and after last weekend’s Pokémon Go Fest, me and the kids have carried on catching pocket monsters this week. I also really enjoyed the tactical Rogue-like Othercide, and found a few moments to play Trials Rising, Halo Wars 2 and Halo Reach along the way.

I was joined in many of these escapades by Tef, who’s also been hooked by Pokémon Go once again and joined me for some Halo Wars 2, but he’s spent a lot of this week sampling preview builds of Project Cars 3, WRC 9 and Peaky Blinders: Mastermind.

Speaking of racing games, Thomas Harrison-Lord (to give him his full name) popped in to say he’s been playing more F1 2020 online, where he’s going to go for the Platinum trophy, and then went back to Project CARS 2 again, saying “I’ve decided that it’s still a game with potential, but ultimately flawed. And who the heck asked for frozen lake circuits?”

Steve finished Ori and the Will of the Wisps which was “beautiful and emotional – a shame another one looks unlikely with Moon moving away from Microsoft”. He also had an enjoyable time with the dated but solid Terminator Resistance, saying “it felt and played like a forgotten 360 game, but the typical bonkers time travel story was fine and the climax where you storm Skynet with a soaring orchestral mix of that classic theme tune left me smiling (not to mention the awful sex scenes)”. He’s now onto the Last Guardian alongside a barrage of PC stuff for reviews and previews, chief among these being the “wonderful” Röki.

Gareth has been playing Superliminal for review and Ghost of Tsushima, telling us the latter “is pretty great, although at the moment I’m mopping up side missions before finishing and some of them are a little samey. I suppose that’s to be expected though.”

Finishing the Doom Eternal campaign was a bit of a struggle for Aran, who said it took a while for it to click for him, “but when it did it was good fun”. He’s now gone back to Yakuza 3 to finish that off next as he clears his backlog (impossible, but worth a try!)

Miguel started the Titanfall 2 campaign, played some more Ghost of Tsushima, a bunch of the Fairy Tail game for review, a little Animal Crossing, and a few hours of the open beta for Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON.

Also joining the Ghost of Tsushima bandwagon were Nick, Jake and Jim. Jim found the opening hour a bit of a slog, but he’s been having good fun since bumping the difficulty up to Lethal and sorted out his HDR settings.

Aside from that he “started the week off right by dipping into the Fall Guys beta. It’s a platforming-focused, gameshow-y take on the battle royale formula and one I can’t wait to see people try when the game hits PlayStation Plus next week. I also played a few more hours of Rogue Company.”

Jason has been playing more Heroes of Hammerwatch, saying it “continues to be one of the most intelligent roguelikes I’ve ever played”. He’s also been playing Fae Tactics, “which is perfect if you’ve been missing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance”.

And finally, Tuffcub has played “nothing.”

Now, what have you played? If you’ve played anything, that is…

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  1. Finished the first two Battlefield V war stories on hardcore which were a bit of a slog. But damn is the game buggy! I’ve found rocks with half their geometry missing, snow piles floating in the air, low res textures all over the place and billboard imposters next to proper geometry trees; not to mention a particularly annoying bug where you can’t shoot or switch gun until you pick up another gun. For a game that’s been out so long and patched to high heaven it’s a pretty poor show from Dice.

  2. I finished The Last of Us 2 this week, what an emotionally gruelling and bleak experience! Incredible though, I loved the layout of the story and all the character development, by the end there was a lot to think about and for a few days all the rage and desperation really got under my skin. I’d like to get the platinum, I did all the collectibles and as many supplements and parts as I could but I think I’ll leave the next play through until next year.

  3. It’s too hot. My brain is melting. Therefore, please excuse me if this is all a bit random and it looks like I’ve forgotten what I was playing…

    Some more of Advanced Horse Testicle Simulator. Bob the Horse is still an arsehole, but I think the update this week has stopped him throwing me off quite as often. No obvious change to the bollock-physics though. Still bouncing about. Still 2 of them. Someone probably pays more for the whole set.

    Then the current PSN sale tempted me with I’m A Satsuma. Or whatever it’s called. Never got around to it before, so why not? Nice to see a more traditional RPG, and all that piano makes an interesting change. Enjoying it so far, even if it’s a bit easy.

    And quite a lot more of Hideo Kojima Presents “Hideo Kojima’s Falling Over Simulator”. Apparently Hideo Kojima is responsible for the game. I think it mentions it once or twice. I’ve decided I both love it and hate it at the same time. For every nice relaxing stroll loaded up with cargo, there’s something that makes me want to throw BB off a mountain. Extra long deliveries with stupidly explodey cargo can piss right off.

    Oh, and the Call of Duty: Whatever it is, they all merge into one anyway, thanks to PS+. Looking good for a remaster. The “controversial” optional mission is crap though.

    Did I mention Dreams? I’ve been building a collection of things that work in VR. Some good stuff already.

  4. Skater XL, which will probably be my answer for the next couple of years.

  5. Just Dreams this week for me. I spent almost 5 hours in VR on my day off, between playing VR content and tweaking my own bits ‘n’ bobs (fnaaaar) for VR. I didn’t experience any motion sickness but my head felt a bit ‘disconnected’ afterwards, 5 hours was probably a tad too much! Also a few sessions in flat mode, working on some new stuff. I haven’t created in VR yet but i ‘m planning doing some of that over the weekend.

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