What We Played #462 – Fall Guys, Ghost of Tsushima & Marvel’s Avengers

It’s horribly sunny, muggy and warm in the UK about now. It’s almost too hot to actually do much of anything right now, beyond sit with a fan pointing at your face or with the AC cranked up. With that in mind, we’ve also asked our writers what they’ve watched in addition to what they’ve played.

I have been playing games this week though. Obviously there’s been some Fall Guys, which is great despite its rocky start, but I also got to preview PGA Tour 2K21, sample the gorgeous survival game Windbound, and be disappointed by the optimisation (or lack thereof) of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. I’ve accompanied my gaming with occasional episodes of Snowpiercer, which has helped cool me down.

Aran’s been watching The Good Place (which is something I should really come back to for the final season!), and finished off the story of Yakuza 3 with a side of Fall Guys.

Meanwhile, it was Lost Wing and Void Terrarium reviews for Ade, to compliment his EDF 4.1 with his girlfriend and Lego Ninjago with his son. They’re trying to unlock the Golden Ninja, with a daunting 152 Golden Lego Bricks to collect! Oh, and the decidedly un-PC early seasons of Midsomer Murders, as they’ve started watching the long running murder mystery series from the very beginning.

There’s been a mishmash of Ghost of Tsushima, Dauntless, Fall Guys and Marvel Ultimate Alliance for Jim, who’s looking forward to Marvel’s Avengers, having got to play it early last weekend. Meanwhile, Reuben has been reviewing Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, playing Final Fantasy XIV ahead of next week’s patch, and used Rise of the Tomb Raider as a palette cleanser after all those JRPGs.

Nic’s Netflix-ing has taken him to the darkest depths of reality TV with the “surprisingly watchable” Selling Sunset. That’s helped him get through the process of packing for a house move this weekend, which has meant putting his PS4 away in a box. Luckily he finished off The Last of Us Part II just before he did that!

A different kind of darkness from Tom Lord, who’s been watching The Salisbury Poisonings in lieu of playing Fall Guys. Apparently it  “Makes you paranoid,” which maybe isn’t the most ringing of endorsements…

The other Tom fell head over heels for the psychadelic speed-running roguelite FPS Post Void this week, which also ended up on Miguel and Steve’s playlists. Speaking of Steve, he thoroughly enjoyed The Last Guardian despite its wonky controls, and got to vent while playing through Carrion. His week of telly has featured Doom Patrol on Starzplay, but he’s having to wait for his daughter to catch up on Umbrella Academy.

No problems with slow children for Nick, who’s finished off Umbrella Academy season 2, and cannot wait for season 3. His gaming has been dominated by Ghost of Tsushima, where he’s just reached the second act.

Next we come to Miguel. He played Fall Guys for a bit, kept up with Animal Crossing, played Tetris 99 for the Paper Mario theme, and dipped into COD Warzone. He also picked up a cheap Xbox One X, where he’s hopped into Forza Horizon 4 and Halo 5, and when his internet died after a tropical storm hit NYC, he decided to watch Kaiji, Arakawa Under The Bridge, and Girls Und Panzer to name a few shows.

And finally, Tuffcub played (not watched) Fort Boyard, for some reason. His internet went down as well for a bit, so he played The Last Guardian and got lost with a complete lack of waypoints until he could play Destiny 2 again.

Right. Now it’s over to you. What have you played and watched this week?

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  1. Fall Guys…. Full Guys and more Full Guys!
    Also player Skater XL and just one trophy away from the Plat which is ‘Around the World’ going to take a long while that.
    Also played NFS Heat (Summer Sale plus the tenner from Sony) just completed the game and all I have to do is 3 stars on everything and get all collectibles. So will probably get the plat sometime next week or so.
    Did I also mention Fall Guys?

    • Don’t mention the NFS Heat collectibles. They don’t all show up on the map and you have to spend hours hunting for them in stupid places, or pay extra to fill in the map. Or just delete it and not bother. But then it’s EA, so what would you expect them to do other than find new ways to make a couple of quid.

      • Using the in game maps off google somewhere. I ain’t buying a collectible map thingy…. no way josè

      • I could have done that, but after realising what they’d done, I just deleted it. Possibly while saying “Fuck EA!”. Even by their standards, it’s a shit thing to do.

  2. Completed the Battlefield V war stories. The first two weren’t great for a variety of reasons but I enjoyed tirailleur and the last tiger. The number of times I died because I got stuck on scenery was ridiculous though.

    Moved onto Battlefield 1’s war stories now. So far it’s been a far less buggy experience so I don’t know what Dice did to mess up frostbite for V so badly. Can’t wait to finish though – between CoD WW2, Battlefield 1and V they’ve been taking up a third of my hard drive. Time to delete and install something different from my summer sale purchases…

  3. I played some more Dreams VR last wknd but my shoulder started giving me some trouble. Not related to using PSVR btw. By monday morning i could barely move or lift my arm without a lot of pain. It was excrutiatingly painful changing gears while driving the 5min journey to the doctor. I have an MRI scan booked but at least the anti-inflammatories are providing a little relief in the meantime, but still not comfortable enough for much gaming yet.

    So i watched the PS State of Play, Hitman 3 VR surprise was the highlight, far too much time spent on GodFall i thought. And what’s with developers at the start of each generation describing their new game’s features as if they had just invented the wheel when they are just incorporating mechanics that have featured in other games previously? I’m looking at you too “Identity-Crash-is” Bandicoot. Also even taking into account that the stream was horribly compressed there are some very bland-looking games coming to PS5. Pathless and Godfall to name two. Hopefully i’ll be proved wrong once they complete development and we see them ‘proper’.

    Additionally, with all the Fall Guys hype i watched a few of my favourite streamers playing it. I say playing it, but it was mostly fast-forwarding through all the lobby/waiting sections and then watching the players get disconnected after 15-30 seconds of actual play. Thankfully they’ve been ironing out the connection issues so people are making progress again. The fun of watching people flail hopelessly around the event stages wore off quickly though.

    That’s enough of my moaning, i’d better get back to my meds ;)

    • Hope it’s nothing too bad and you get better soon. Reminds me of something I had a couple of years ago, a herniated vertebral disc in the neck. Symptoms were only showing in my arm, so the first doctor entirely missed what it was about, as he did an x-ray of my arm… But then I realised it got painful when I turned my head left and right. So, maybe don’t rule out PSVR as part of the cause too quickly.
      I’ve fully recovered from that.
      All the best..!

      • Thanks Andrewww, glad to see you’re still standing after your recent covid surprise!

  4. Like everyone else, I gave Fall Guys a go for the 12 minutes it worked.

    And the same recent stuff. More fun with Bob the Horse. And then decided Hideo Kojima’s Falling Over Simulator is actually excellent, except when it’s shit. Which is currently about a third of the time.

    And like last week, more of the snowy, piano-filled RGP I’m a Satsuma. (My brain’s still melting). Which is very good now it’s thrown in some more challenging fights.

    Oh, and a couple of things from PS Now.

    GreedFall, which is a decent enough RPG so far, but with a terrible camera that manages to move both too fast and too slow at the same time.

    And Warhammer…Martyr, which has far too long and silly a name to type in full (even though it’s clearly a shorter name than what I’ve typed instead, which makes no sense, but then my brain’s melting). It’s also a pretty decent “Diablo with guns”. Or swords and stuff if you want. Not the greatest, but it was on PS Now so why not?

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