What We Played #463 – UFC 4, Fall Guys & Mortal Shell

Since we’re British we’ll grudgingly admit it’s been “a little warm”, when what we mean is “my eyeballs are melting out of my face”. Still, with the giant fan out in the living room, it’s possible to just about play some games. I cooled myself down by playing the Alto Collection, though Adventure’s snowy mountains soon gave way to Odyssey’s sand dunes, and I was right back to square one. Besides that I’ve started on No Straight Roads for review, and watched the excruciating progress of Microsoft Flight Sims download bar as it taunts me with not being finished.

We’re also talking about what we’re watching at the moment, and I finally watched Birds of Prey, which was pretty good, sank some more time into BNA from Trigger and having finished the entirety of 30 Rock, we started Life on Mars again, which is just about as perfect as TV gets.

Nic B has just moved house and is still without internet, which means that he’s watching a load of Married at First Sight Australia with his partner. In return, she’s playing through The Last of Us for the first time, with Nic saying “It’s a great game, even the fourth time around.” I should probably play it someday, shouldn’t I?

Ade has been on with Days Gone, telling us “It’s decent enough but surprisingly half-finished feeling for a Sony exclusive. Those frame rate drops are nasty”. He also devoured Peaky Blinders Mastermind for an upcoming review. On to the viewing side he’s been partaking in superhero shenanigans, “I finally watched Spider-Man Far From Home last night. Really enjoyed it! That was a fun film with a frankly jaw-dropping illusion sequence. Don’t ask me how but I’d managed to avoid any spoilers, so those end credit scenes were quite the shocker!”

Thomas Harrison-Lord has been playing Fast & Furious Crossroads for review. More on that coming soon! He also watched a film featuring Nicolas Cage called ‘Color out of Space’ saying “holy cow, was is it weird. If you like the sound of demonic alien-infected alpacas, this is the film for you.”

Jason has been playing Mortal Shell, Rogue Legacy 2, and a couple of other things he can’t give any thoughts on. Yet. He’s also been playing the full release of Risk of Rain 2, “which is excellent, but I still find myself itching for new content in it.”

Gareth has played Rage 2 quite a bit. “The combat is great but it doesn’t fit into the open world, it feels like you get interrupted just as you’re getting going. I also played 30 minutes of Beat Saber, which I regretted due to the temperature, and some Dreams VR. And I’ve been rewatching 30 Rock!”

Tuffcub played Destiny 2 because that is simply the way things are, and is watching Umbrella Academy “which is very slow”. Jim meanwhile strapped on some sandals this week for his review of Total War Saga: Troy. “It’s a dense and rewarding strategy sequel though one you have to really pour yourself into. Compared to previous Total War games where I’ve traditionally focused on conquest through grand battles, with Troy I’ve been taking a more strategic approach on a higher difficulty setting, really getting to grips with the web of mechanics underlying just about every fibre. I also fired up Dauntless following its recent content update. It continues to sink its hooks in and although I’m a Monster Hunter fan through and through, the more quick and casual Dauntless has become my go-to multiplayer action RPG.”

Aran has been playing UFC 4 for review. Full thoughts on that next week. He also watched Bad Boys For Life “which was alright. Not quite up there with the original and it feels like they might start taking the franchise the Fast and Furious route.”

Steve has been immersed in Ni No Kuni II this week, which is apparently pretty all-consuming. He tells us “so many different parts to manage and lots of distractions from the main story path. Aside from that I played through the underwhelming Skully for review, got in some good Overcooked time with my 8 year old and spent a couple of evenings looking at some demos and prologues on Steam. Watching wise, balancing weekly Doom Patrol episodes with an every evening spot of Umbrella Academy which my 13 year old is loving. Topping that all off with late night episodes of United States of Tara whilst melting in the heat. Is it Autumn yet?”

Miguel has been dipping a bit into FF14 again, and also been playing a bunch of Death end re;Quest 2, Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga. As for shows, he’s been watching more Kaiji, “which continues to be one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking series I’ve ever watched. I’m also keeping up with currently airing stuff like Re:Zero, Deca-Dence, and Uzaki-Chan.”

Finally, Tef has been too hot for any gaming aside from a couple rounds of Fall Guys each day, picking up a handful of more wins in the process, and finished off watching Snowpiercer, which has been enjoyably dumb.

Now it’s over to you. What haveyou been playing and watching this past week?

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  1. Been playing Fall Guys, Skater XL and NFS Heat
    Just one trophy away on Fall Guys which is the Legendary Body Colour so here is hoping tomorrow at 1pm or Sunday at 1pm or perhaps Monday at 1pm
    Still awaiting for Around the World trophy to pop on Skater XL
    NFS Heat plat might be tomorrow as all I have to do is drift all events to 3 stars and of course the lvl 50 crew trophy which is taking forever lol

    Also I am AWESOME*

    *Infallible Trophy =P

  2. Lots of Fall Guys for me, I’m surprised the staff haven’t played more, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve had some success, won 3 episodes and a couple of races in there. I’ve hammered through a third of the trophies, I’m aiming for level 40 and almost half way there, I’ll probably get fed up at some point but the frustration isn’t killing the fun for now. I also played some Mud Runner on my phone last night, it’s very impressive, it’ll be a good distraction for night shifts.

  3. Just a few quick dips into Dreams this week but my shoulder injury has been steadily improving so should be back to normal soon.

  4. Actually getting pretty good at Skater XL now. Only taken 100+ hours, lol. Have been filming some clips and I’ve joined an online team, based in North Carolina. They wanna put together a full length video, so I’ve been thinking about what I wanna film. The only problem is I’m on PS4 with limited maps, and they’re all on PC with new maps to skate every day. Hopefully PS4 gets an update soon.

  5. Played some more Last of us 2, and was struggling with some areas, as I still play on Survivor difficulty, and was too stubborn to change that. How I hate these dogs..!
    As everyone was praising Fall Guys so much, we had to try it. The kids quite liked the chaos, and I didn’t mind getting 8 trophies during our first hour playing the game.
    In the sale, and as the pound is very cheap for me now, I finally got Gran Turismo on my UK account, and we played some split-screen races.
    TV-wise, I re-watched Avengers 2, this time with the family, we’re slowly progressing with the MCU, as my kids are still a little young for all the violence in these movies. I also downloaded The Avengers Beta, which I will play later this weekend.

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