Saints Row V rumour points to story details and removal of superpowers

It has already been confirmed that Volition is working on Saints Row V, but what is unknown is the setting, story, and other details that will be part of the game. Overnight rumours and apparent leaks have popped up on 4Chan and Resetera, allegedly giving details about what to expect in Saints Row V. These rumours have not yet been corroborated by any sources so absolutely take them with a whole packet of salt, because these leaks could be false information. So, what are these apparent leaks saying?

For starters, one of the big plot points is that Saints Row V is supposedly taking place after the events of Saints Row 3. According to the leak, Saints Row IV and Gat Out of Hell will be retconned to be a TV show set within the universe. This leads to superpowers being removed to make the game a bit more grounded. Going on from this players will not be playing as The Boss or be part of the Saints. Instead, according to the rumours, the Saints have become an evil organisation due to Gat not being there to keep it in check. Players will be part of a new gang aiming to take the Saints down. That would mean characters like Shaundi, Pierce, and The Boss will be your enemies that you have to take down. The apparent setting is Stilwater, the original location from Saints Row 1 & 2, with a much larger map to explore.


Graphically, Saints Row V is said to be similar to Saints Row 3 Remastered, which was shockingly impressive, and the overall tone will be a bit more serious though some of the comic elements will remain. Character customisation is to said to be more in depth as each individual body part will have sliders. Four player co-op is also apparently in with difficulty scaling depending on how many players there are. There is also, allegedly, online multiplayer consisting of 32 players in a gang warfare scenario to take over territory.

As already stated, none of this information has been corroborated by additional sources, so do not take anything said here as fact. Volition will release details eventually, be it this year or next year.

Source: ResetEra