Saints Row V rumour is incorrect confirms Deep Silver Senior PR Manager

Over the weekend a rumour came out for Saints Row V purporting to give lots of story information as well as gameplay. That information said that in Saints Row V players would be facing off against the Saints, superpowers would be removed, and the events of Saints Row IV and Gat Out of Hell would be retconned to be TV shows within the Saints Row universe. Well, all of that information is false. That comes from Deep Silver/Koch Media Senior PR Manager Alex Q. Ryan who confirmed that the leak was all wrong.


The rest of the rumour said:

Graphically, Saints Row V is said to be similar to Saints Row 3 Remastered, which was shockingly impressive, and the overall tone will be a bit more serious though some of the comic elements will remain. Character customisation is to said to be more in depth as each individual body part will have sliders. Four player co-op is also apparently in with difficulty scaling depending on how many players there are. There is also, allegedly, online multiplayer consisting of 32 players in a gang warfare scenario to take over territory.

One day, we shall find out exactly what Saints Row V will entail, and what kind of shenanigans the Saints will get up to in the series next instalment.

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