Saints Row is going to continue as new game confirmed to be in development

THQ Nordic seems to be looking to grab all of the headlines. We’ve already had confirmation the company is working on new experiences for the TimeSplitters franchise, it has acquired MotoGP developer Milestone, and that Biomutant will have two premium editions for people to choose from as well as the standard release. The party doesn’t stop with THQ Nordic though as it has confirmed that Volition is hard at work on the next Saint’s Row game, and it is being described as a full experience. Essentially it’s Saints Row V though there’s no other news regarding what platforms or when it will be out. My money is on a cross-gen release next winter.

The last time we saw anything that resembled the Saints Row aesthetic was the alternate timeline spin-off Agents of Mayhem, which didn’t fare well. When I played that I wrote, “Agents of Mayhem is a step back for Volition after the success of the Saints Row series. While the characters are good and fun, they don’t feel larger than life when compared to The Boss and their crew. There aren’t as many memorable moments either, and the city of Seoul is wasted. The game is less Agents of Mayhem and more Agents of Mehhem.”


You can read the Agents of Mayhem review here. The last new Saints Row experience was 2015’s Gat Out of Hell, which was a spin off from Saint’s Row IV. That didn’t fare too well either and got some middling reviews. In ours I said:

“The thing about Gat Out Of Hell is that it feels like Saints Row IV but with things stripped away instead of expanded on. Sure you have the challenges to complete, though they aren’t different to the other games in the series, and there are a lot of collectibles to hunt down to unlock everything. Outside of that though Hell as a location feels a bit bland, and without the other Saints to bounce off Kinzie and Gat aren’t that interesting or funny. Combine that with the lack of in-game music and customisation options and this entry is a step backwards for the series.”

That review is here. Hopefully, Saints Row V, or whatever it is called, will be a winner.

Source: Gamespot

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