Deathloop gets a brand-new PS5 gameplay trailer

Bethesda and Arkane Lyon took their turn to shine as part of this evening’s PlayStation 5 event, dropping a brand-new gameplay trailer for their forthcoming PS5 console exclusive Deathloop.


Leaning on the staples of Arkane studios’ games with open level design and lots of different ways to play, two assassin’s face off against each other. You’ll be hunting down eight targets all over the island, but if you die it’s not exactly the end of the game. During the trailer Aleksis is hear saying “to break the loop I’ve got break the rules”. Who knows what those rules are, but from the action in the trailer they presumably involve lots of killing people while using a hook shot to leap around the island. It definitely looks very cool.

The Loop is Knowledge, knowledge is power

The game is set on the island of Blackreef, with protagonist Colt trapped here in a mysterious Groundhog Day-style timeloop. Instead of trying to find love, he’s trying to take out eight targets across Blackreef before midnight. It seems simple enough except Blackreef has its own guard, Julianna and she enjoys killing Colt over and over again.

Colt appears to have various abilities including the Blink ability from the Dishonored games allowing him to teleport around Blackreef. Another ability allows him to flick enemies away, including out of windows. Players will have to learn the patterns of Blackreef and discover different paths to work out how to best move forward. There will be a lot of dying but each death will bring knowledge.

Deathloop does mix the singleplayer and multiplayer. While players experience the story of Colt others can take control of Julianna to hunt Colt through Blackreef and stop his progress. It is an optional choice as players can keep it so Julianna remains AI controlled instead of player controlled.

Deathloop will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PC in Q2 2021.

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