New gameplay trailer released for Transformers Battlegrounds

Bandai Namco has released a new gameplay for its upcoming tactical title Transformers Battlegrounds, and it shows the Autobots fighting against the Decepticons here on Earth. It has been confirmed that Earth will not be the only battleground as player will also be going into battle on Cybertron. You can watch the new trailer below.


Many major characters including Grimlock, Arcee, Soundwave, Windblade, Shockwave, and of course, Optimus and Megatron, will be in Transformers Battlegrounds. The designs seem to closer to those seen in the recent cartoon series rather than the movies or G1. Transformers Battlegrounds launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on October 23rd. Tuffcub recently went hands on with Transformers Battlegrounds, and he wrote:

All in all, the game is coming together quite nicely, taking the franchise to a genre that it’s never really visited before. The cartoon art style will appeal to the younger generation, while the gameplay should reach older fans who’ve rinsed everything they can out of XCOM. Through there’s a Transformers story and characters that all fans of robots in disguise should enjoy.

You can read the Transformers Battlegrounds preview here. There is another Transformers game on the way, Transformers Online, which is being developed by Certain Affinity. the game was officially announced by Leyou at the Chinajoy 2019 convention and has been confirmed to a be a third person shooter. They specifically stated that Certain Affinity was working on the the game which is for consoles and PC and it will be free to play.

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