October’s PlayStation Now update adds Days Gone, MediEvil, and Friday The 13th

Sony has taken to the spirit of October with this month’s PlayStation Now roster update adding some suitably horror and Halloween based games. Leading the charge is Bend Studio’s Days Gone where players can outrun hordes of Freakers while taking in the natural sights on a bike. Days Gone will be available on the service until January 5th 2021. Joining Days Gone are MediEvil, Friday The 13th, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, and Rad.

In our review for Days Gone, Jim wrote:

There are glimmers of true excellence here; small stretches of Days Gone can be especially fun and polished. However, the assembly of these various parts suffers from the lack of an engaging story, compelling characters, or an open world that feels organic and worth exploring.
Jim weighed in again with his thoughts when reviewed MediEvil, and wrote:
MediEvil resurrects one of our all-time favourite PlayStation mascots for a new generation. This remake does exactly what it promises, revamping dated visuals while staying faithful to the 1998 original, even if that means digging up certain design choices that have remained buried with Sir Dan all these years.
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a lovely return for the series’ 2.5D puzzle platforming. It tinkers with and broadens the gameplay options to be more welcoming, and levels can feel a little stretched out at times, but grab a couple of friends and stick it on Classic mode, and this will delight fans of those first two games.
And in our Rad review, Reuben wrote:
An enjoyable retro-style rogue-lite; in RAD you should expect brutal gameplay in a gaudy and synthesised world. The random nature of the world sometimes proves to be a problem, but not enough to diminish what is a fantastically loud take on the genre. If only for letting players smack about mutants with their engorged limbs and a baseball bat, RAD lives up to its name. Just try to stop playing it, you’ll struggle.

We do not have a review for Friday The 13th but if you are looking for a multiplayer horror title, then that should scratch your itch. #

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  1. A much better selection than PS+ this month.

    And Days Gone is a lot better than some of the reviews would have you believe.

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