PlayStation Trophy levelling system to be overhauled from tonight

Sony has announced it is making some major changes to the PlayStation Trophy system, specifically the way levelling works and the number of ranks that will be shown. Currently, the trophy level range sits between 1-100 but with the new change that range will now become 1-999. This means the current trophy level you have will be reconfigured to match the new system. An example given by Sony states that a player with a Level 12 trophy score will be converted to a level in the low 200 range. This will be determined by your trophy level and quality of trophies you have unlocked in games.

Sony will also be introducing new Trophy Level Icons and these will come into effect on PS5 and the PlayStation companion app. At the moment the icon is the gold star but in the new system this will change to bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies. You can see what the icons will look like and the levels they apply to in the image below.


Other than these changes the trophy system will act as normal. Your trophy level will carry over to the PS5 just like it did between PS3, PS Vita and the PS4, so no need to worry about losing trophies you have unlocked already. The change with the system will begin tonight in North America and will roll out across the world over the next couple of days. The new system means players should be able to advance through levels at a faster pace, with earlier levels much easier to progress through.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. They’ve just sent out an email with something they didn’t mention hidden away in it…

    “PS5™ console Trophy tracker
    Just how close are you to earning that rare Gold Trophy?

    See what else you need to do before hearing that highly satisfying ‘ding’ sound with the all-new Trophy tracking system in supported games on the PS5™ console.”

    • Just got the email , I’m intrigued about the trophy tracker and how it can help to get trophies…. if it does that? There’s still a lot we don’t know about the GUI but as its only six weeks till launch we should be finding out all about very soon.

      • I’m guessing it just means instead of not knowing how many things you’ve got to collect, or how many kills you need (which obviously is sometimes tracked in the game), you’ll be able to see that outside of the game?

        I’m assuming it’ll show up in all sorts of places too.

        Look at the trophy list? You’ll see it says you’ve collected 7 out of 1474 things. And your friends have collected lots more.

        Or the stuff that shows up under the game before you launch it? Instead of just showing your overall trophy progress, and the most recent and rarest trophy you’ve got, it could stick a “you’re so close to getting this one…” thing in.

        Or tell you what you could get with your friends if you’re all after the same trophy.

        Plenty of things they could do with it that fit in with what they’ve been saying so far. 6 weeks to find out, I guess. Could the fact they’ve just announced that mean they’re about to show off the whole UI soon?

  2. So, what did anyone find their trophy level jumped to? Mine’s now on 571.

    Obviously, a whole load of people are instantly at the maximum level of 999.

  3. 78

    • So it’s definitely giving the lower levels more of a boost.

      If it was a maximum of level 100 before, and now it’s 999, my level 53 should be 53×9.99 = 529.47. So I’ve got an 8% boost.

      For hornet1990 going from 16 to 290, that’s 81% extra bonus levels. (Should be around 160)

      And your 78? Should give you level 779.22. So you’ve been penalised 9% for not having a life or something ;)

      I wonder how long it’s going to take someone to work out exactly how many trophies you need for each level?

      • Well, apparently “not long” is the answer to that question then.

        Trophies are now worth 15, 30, 90 and 300 points (only difference there is the Platinum is 300 instead of 180 on the old system).

        And the number of points per level goes up every 100. From 60 from 1-99, 90 from 100-199 all the way up to 3600 points from 900-999. (Or 240 bronze, or 12 platinum at that top level)

        Actually, you need 4 bronzes per level to level up up to 99, then 6 up to 199, then it jumps to 30, increasing by 30 every 100 levels.

        It all works out, and fits my level based on the number of trophies. Level 999 is around 1200 full games, with a platinum and all the other trophies. I guess that’s not counting DLC trophies.

  4. Yeah to get 999 you need 1200 Platinums
    Hakoom is now at 999

    • Well, 1200 Platinums and all the other trophies that come with the Platinum. Which obviously you have to have to get the Platinum anyway. (I think that’s assuming the usual mix of 50 bronze, silver and golds plus the platinum)

      There’s also over 100 people on 999. Although I’m sure some of them are probably several people anyway.

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