ALERT: The PS4 PSVR camera adaptor is not included in the PS5 box, you need to request one separately

Well this is utterly rubbish. Sony have previously stated that the PlayStation 5 camera won’t work with PlayStation 4 VR games and that you will need to use an adapter to plug in your old PS4 camera in to your PS5. Annoying as hell, but that’s progress for you.

However, it has now been revealed the adaptor will not be in the PS5 box, you need to request one from Sony using the link below.

Request a PS5 camera adaptor

Just to be extra annoying the Captcha on the link seems to be broken and we cannot get past the “I am not a robot” check at present. It’s been fixed, but now when you type in the serial number (which by the way is INCREDIBLY SMALL) and enter your details it kicks you back to the start.

Here’s more from Sony’s FAQ.

Who qualifies for the PlayStation Camera adaptor?

Anyone who owns a PS VR headset qualifies to receive a PlayStation Camera adaptor with a limit of one per household.

What details do I need to provide to make a request?

It will vary by region, however you should be prepared to provide your PS VR processor unit serial number, first name, last name, email address, shipping address, and phone number. Check the rear panel of the PS VR processor unit to find the serial number, which begins with the letter C, M, or P depending on your region.

Why was my serial number not accepted on the webform?

Make sure you’ve provided the serial number from your PS VR processor unit, which begins with the letter C, M or P. If you are still unable to use your serial number please contact PlayStation Support for additional troubleshooting.

What should I do if I cannot find my country in the drop-down list on the webform?

If you cannot find your country in the drop-down list please contact your local distributor or retailer for support. Contact details are listed in the support information section of your PS VR manual.

What is the warranty for the PlayStation Camera adaptor?

This product is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months from the date of delivery. Please refer to the warranty included with the PlayStation Camera adaptor if you requested it separately, or the warranty statement included with your PS VR for full details.

How do I connect the PlayStation Camera to my PS5 console using the PlayStation Camera adaptor?

Connect the PlayStation Camera adaptor to a USB Type-A port on the back of your PS5™console. The PlayStation Camera adaptor cannot be used with the PS4™console.
Connect the PlayStation Camera to the AUX port on the PlayStation Camera adaptor.
For further guidance on setting up your PS VR, camera, and console, refer to the instructions included with each product.

Source: Sony

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  1. Well, most people who buy a PS5 obviously won’t need it. But still, that’s slightly annoying.

    • It’s really a rubbish form, I wonder why Sony is not able to set up a website in a professional way. After having to enter all data twice I managed to order, hope it’ll work.

  2. The whole process seems broken, with an endless loop of ticking the not a robot box. The space for the serial number popped up once, but then submitting that went back to the captcha again.

    • Well, it eventually worked.

      Could they have made the serial number any smaller? It’s tiny! And hidden away at the back of something on a dark shelf. And extra shiny when you try the “stick your phone around the back and take a picture” trick.

  3. I guess it has to be on a per-request basis but at least i’ll be able to show off my PSVR camera adapter while i wait for my PS5 preorder to be shipped sometime around March. :/

  4. An email eventually turned up in my spam folder (so watch out for that) saying if my request for one is granted, they’ll start shipping around mid-November.

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