Bungie list the top known issues with Destiny 2: Beyond Light

This may come as a surprise to you but it appears Destiny 2: Beyond Light may have a few bugs. I know! Shocker!

Bungie have helpfully listed the top problems on Twitter. Here are the known issues so far:

  • Season Passes will be applied to the first set of characters that signs in. If you plan to Cross Save but will use other characters later, it’s recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in. For more information visit bungie.net/CrossSave 
  • In a Wrathborn Hunt, players must deal damage to the final boss to get credit for the activity.
  • Stasis subclasses are only available with a Beyond Light game license.
  • The Exotic Archive will keep flashing if the player has an Exotic Cipher in their inventory.
  • Players who dismantle the Stasis fragment quests must wait a week before picking up a new one.
  • The One-Inch Punch finisher will not kill enemies if the player has the Stasis subclass equipped.
  • Diamond shape with a dot inside Kill-based weapon perks may work inconsistently on Stasis frozen shatter kills.
  • The Crucible Stasis fragment quest “Timeless Victory” progresses inconsistently.
  • Diamond shape with a dot inside The Wrathborn Hunt icon sometimes will not appear on the map.
  • The Europa patrol “To the Nth Power” cannot be progressed with Stasis super kills as a Warlock.
  • Diamond shape with a dot inside Exo Challenge activities don’t grant a reward for players below the Soft Power Cap.

At stupid o’clock this morning a small live event took place in Destiny 2 to signal the end of the current version of the game and prepare for the launch of Beyond Light. Check out the video below to see what happened.

Those who logged in saw the Traveller go all sparkly and begin healing itself, as did all the Guardians watching. That was about it until right at the end the game shifted to the map view and some dark swirls crept from the left side out the map, removing Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan, before the Traveller glowed and stopped the spread of the darkness.

Source: Twitter

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