Walmart will have limited supplies of Xbox Series X|S for sale at 9am PT, links here

U.S. retailer Walmart appears to have a few Xbox Series X|S’s laying around and will be putting them for sale online at 9am PT, which at the time of writing is less than half an hour. There is a countdown ticking to show when the sales go live which you can access here but what you really want are the direct links, and we have those as well.

For those in the UK, BT have also announced that they will have some launch day stock of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with the caveat that it is available exclusively for BT broadband and EE mobile customers. BT customers will have to log into their MyBT account to spot the offer, stock will likely be quite limited, and hopefully this isn’t the only avenue that punters have to pick up a launch day console – Game announced yesterday that they will have launch day PlayStation 5’s next week.


Is the Xbox Series X worth they outlay? We’d say so, if you prefer the green team over the blue. The console is fast, it’s clearly very powerful and it builds on the Xbox One X. You’ll see a huge jump forward if you’re coming from a base Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but might be feeling there’s a lack of meaningful exclusives on day one.

We said in our Xbox Series X review:

The Xbox Series X is the continuity candidate. It’s built on the foundations of familiar system software and comprehensive backward compatibility that actively enhances everything you want to play on it (within limits) and it’s effectively silent no matter how hard we’ve pushed it. At this time we’re still on the outer threshold of what it can offer for the next gen gaming, but we’ll explore that over the coming days, weeks and months. What’s certain is that you’ll want a high-end TV or monitor to get the very best out of it, and that if you’re coming from a base PS4 or Xbox One in particular, this will be a huge step forward.

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