December’s Xbox Games with Gold have been revealed

December’s Games with Gold have been revealed for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, bundling together the usual set of two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 or original Xbox backward compatible titles.

It’s not the most exciting update, it’s fair to say, though Stacking is a bonafide Double Fine classic from the 360 era, and we rated Bleed 2 rather highly in our review. Scroll on for links to store pages and some thoughts on each game.


The four games are:

The Raven Remastered takes you back to 1964 London, where a classic murder mystery will have you on the hunt of the legendary master thief, The Raven. Meanwhile, we gave Bleed 2 a glowing review in 2018, saying that “For fans of fast-paced, over the top twin stick action, complete with bullet time and a score system that awards perfection, Bleed 2 is excellent.”

We were less enthusiastic in our Saints Row: Gat out of Hell review, which felt like a lesser game to Saints Row The Third and IV. In our review, Aran said, “it feels like Saints Row IV but with things stripped away instead of expanded on. […] Hell as a location feels a bit bland, and without the other Saints to bounce off Kinzie and Gat aren’t that interesting or funny. Combine that with the lack of in-game music and customisation options and this entry is a step backwards for the series.”

Sadly we didn’t review Stacking back in the day, but it was a game that many of the TSA staff of the day played. The game’s central idea was to stack matryoshka dolls inside each other to assimilate and utilise special abilities and it led to puzzles which had multiple approaches. It was a smart idea and, by most accounts, it was implemented well by Double Fine. Coming from that studio, of course, you can expect a sense of humour to be present and Stacking didn’t disappoint on this front. It was written well, as you’d expect, with some amusing dialogue popping up throughout.

There’s a few days left to snap up the games from November’s Games with Gold, which currently gives you:

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