The Monster Hunter Rise demo will be revealed in a stream on Thursday

Capcom have announced a new Monster Hunter Digital Event stream will be held on 7th January at 2PM GMT to reveal more details about Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch. During the stream there will, of course, be a brand new trailer, but there will also be details of the demo that’s planned for the game.

Could it be that the demo will drop during the stream?


Monster Hunter Rise was announced alongside Monster Hunter Stories 2 in a Nintendo Direct showcase last September. So far the game has only been confirmed for Nintendo Switch and won’t be directly comparable to Monster Hunter: World. With Rise, Capcom are looking to branch off in a different direction while still delivering that same core Monster Hunter experience.

For those Monster Hunter fans wondering, we recently discovered that Capcom won’t be adding any new weapon classes in Monster Hunter Rise.

However, they have been upgrading the existing weaponry. In a handful of weaponry teasers that starred the rapid Dual Blades daggers and the dynamic Bow, it appears as though Capcom is upping the versatility of its hunting arsenal with new “Silkbind” powers. Using the grapple hook-like “Wirebug” players can also gain access to more aerial attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise – 7 things you need to know

A new trailer for the sequel was shown at The Game Awards 2020.

Whether or not Monster Hunter Rise will remain locked to the Nintendo Switch seems likely though we’d obviously love to see it appear elsewhere. Given that it is an exclusive for the Switch, Capcom and Nintendo have partnered to launch new amiibo figures to go alongside the game, which can unlock in-game bonuses

As shown in the below tweet from Nintendo of Europe, there will be at least 3 Monster Hunter Rise amiibo coming next year including the Palamute, Magnamalo, and Palico.

The Palamute is a new canine companion who will ride out on excursions with hunters, allowing them to travel much faster while also adopting an offensive role in combat. Of course, you can also take a Palico with you though these cat-like creatures are more of a traditional support option as they have been in past Monster Hunter games. Meanwhile the Magnamalo will be Capcom’s flagship beastie for Monster Hunter Rise.

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