Curse of the Dead Gods will have its full launch in February

Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games have confirmed that the roguelite Curse of the Dead Gods will be leaving early access on February 23rd, with that date also being the day the game launches on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The game entered early access in March 2020. The players’ aim is to enter a cursed temple in search of treasures and a rumoured source of eternal life. The temple is full of monsters and traps to evade while on this search.


Sylvain Passot, Studio Director at Passtech Games, said:

The full release of Curse of the Dead Gods wouldn’t have been possible without all of the incredible work from the entire team and our excellent community of Early Access players. The amazing community that has grown around the game has really pushed it to the right direction. We can’t wait to welcome all the players to the Temple and we’re looking further ahead to 2021 for exciting new content.

Thomas had some hands on time with Curse of the Dead Gods, and wrote:

Curse of the Dead Gods is currently in Early Access, but the developers have shown their commitment to building and updating the game already. In the short time I’ve been playing the title, there have already been a number of updates as well as the developers releasing information about what they are working on. While the 1.0 release date doesn’t seem to be on the horizon just yet, I’m confident the development team will continue to add to the game in near future and shape it based community feedback.

So far Curse of the Dead Gods has proven itself a competent and enjoyable roguelite. It’s unique art direction and interesting gameplay dynamics tie together perfectly to create a fascinating and cohesive experience. Curse of the Dead Gods might be the near the start of its journey to completion, but what we’ve seen so far points towards a bright future – unless you’re stuck in the depths of its labyrinth, of course.

You can read the full Curse of the Dead Gods preview here.

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