What We Played #483 – Balan Wonderworld, Super Mario 3D World & The Medium

Ohhh, the weather outside is weather, and let me tell you it’s not worth going outside, even if you were allowed. You’re much better off staying inside and hunkering down with some video games, so that’s what we’ve been doing this past week. Personally I’m getting through the main body of Final Fantasy VII Remake and I am loving it. I’m actually kicking myself that I didn’t persevere with it at launch, but appreciating that I’ve got it to play since it’s exactly where my head is at right now.

Besides that I’ve mostly been playing Wipeout 2048 on the trusty PS Vita, though I’ve downloaded the HD Collection to my PS5 so I can keep the action going on the big screen, and I checked out Redout: Space Assault for review and continued to play Warframe, which is a real treat to hop into at the end of a day.

I may have also pre-ordered the Monster Hunter Rise Switch, because I need it to match my Monster Hunter 4 3DS. Obviously.

Miguel played the COD Modern Warfare 2019 campaign, saying “I had a really amazing time with it, I think there was more interesting gameplay variety and set piece stuff in Black Ops Cold War, but Modern Warfare had really solid writing and an amazing ending. It also made my PC turn into a toaster oven, which prompted me to install an extra exhaust fan last night. I’ve also been playing some good ol Atelier Ryza 2!”

Gareth had just a few goes solo on Vigor for review and played a bit of the second season of Telltale’s Batman, telling us “It’s pretty good but I get occasional urges for Rocksteady Batmaning that the game doesn’t scratch.”

Meanwhile, Nick P has mostly been playing Assassin Creed: Valhalla, still 100%ing regions as he plays. “I’m getting quite beefy now and combat is a lot easier as I’m mastering parries. I’ve also been playing Helheim Hassle for review but more on that later.”

Jason has foolishly not been playing the stock market – seemingly we all should spend more time on Reddit – and instead has mostly been playing Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury as per his preview and Rocket League as per his calling in life. Nic B hasn’t seemingly played anything (though I know he has really like Magic the Gathering Arena on mobile) but he did say “I’ve played with the taps this morning and everything is coming out yellow. Send Mario.” Maybe Jason can help?

Aran has been playing lots of AC Valhalla, though with crushing pain; “I had to redo the Oxfordshire arc after autosave failed for me. Now I’m just doing the Lunden arc before deciding where to go next.”

Steve played a lot of The Medium which was “well above par” for the horror genre, finished Ryte The Eye of Atlantis, had some enjoyable high score chasing with Bezier Second Edition, and delved back into the world of Gordon Freeman with the fantastic Black Mesa Definitive Edition, which he’s working his way through on the way to Half Life: Alyx. He also played a bit of Shovel Knight with his son but “the co-op is a bit too hard as it’s too easy to knock each other into the void.”

Jim finally got his Shadow of the Colossus platinum trophy, saying it’s “Such an incredible game and I loved going back to speed run each Colossi, learning everything I could about their attack patterns and behaviours. However, some trophy requirements meant replaying parts over and over which spoiled the magic a bit. I didn’t have as much luck with Dirt 5. Despite meeting the requirements for some rarer gold trophies they refuse to pop. Still, it’s been my go to game when looking to burn 5-10 minutes.”

Reuben has mostly been playing the Balan Wonderworld demo this week, which he previewed, before continuing, “Otherwise, I’ve picked up Borderlands 2 with my friends as we finished Left4Dead 2, and have been continuing my run through the original NieR.”

And lastly, Tef played some Supercross 4 for a previewfinally finished a leisurely stroll through the original Halo in co-op, and snuck in a few more runs of Hades, though none that beat the eponymous god for a second time.

And now, what might you have played this week?

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  1. Ahhhh WipeOut on Vita… classic! I feel for you Aran on Valhalla…. they were a pain! But you will get there.
    I have played and Platinum Mafia and what a remake loved the cast and everything in that game. Started Mafia II and it doesn’t feel like the remake from the first one doesn’t it? Ah well I completed the campaign and just mopping up misc trophies for the Platinum which I reckon will be tonight.
    My wife walked in while I was doing collectibles and she said “so 1950s Playboys is your secret turn on eh? What a perv?!?!” Stupid trophy!
    Next week will be Destruction All Stars wh00p!

    • Hey Crazy_Del! Do you play Death Stranding much? I’m sure I’ve seen your name before and something tells me it’s in that…which I have been playing a bit of this week!

  2. Mostly Hitman 3, in VR. There’s clearly some sort of witchcraft involved to make it work that well, in VR, on a base PS4. Finished off a first go at all 6 levels, now I’m just having fun going back and doing things again, including the levels from the first 2 games. This may involve running around, punching people in the face and then stuffing them in cupboards. A lot. That’s strangely compelling in VR.

    Managed to stop long enough to finish off Doom Eternal and get started on the DLC. It’s just wonderful, messy chaos once you get into the strange rhythm of it.

    Then Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon, because it was on sale. Cute, because Chocobo’s, nice grindy RPG stuff. And actually a challenge, unlike the mess they made of the FF7 Remake.

    And as it’s free, I gave Auto Chess a go to see what the fuss is about. It’s strangely addictive, even if there’s about a 90% chance it suddenly all goes wrong and you end up in 3rd place. Again. Possibly doesn’t give you enough time between rounds to plan any sort of strategy. And the option to turn off cross-platform play seems to be missing. Which would be handy as you always seem to end up against people who have clearly been playing for ages on other platforms. I thought Sony insisted on an option to turn that off anyway?

  3. I’ve been continuing with the Phoenix Wright trilogy, I’ve completed the first game and working on the second. It’s taking longer than I expected but I’m also enjoying it more than I expected too. Also, I’ve been continuing with Everybody’s Golf on Vita, which is clearly going to take some time of dipping in and out of on a regular basis, which in fairness is exactly what the Vita was designed for.

  4. More Cyberpunk 2077, i’ve put as much time into it since the 1.1 patch as i put into it in three weeks before. 40hrs total so far. No more crashes since then but there is still plenty of bugs and idiosyncracies. I have a growing appreciation for the city and environments and i’m enjoying the driving a bit more now too so i may try some of the racing missions i’ve been avoiding. Some great side-missions along the way too.

    I aslo checked out a few demos. Balan Wonderland was cute looking but the gameplay felt a bit sticky or slow for my tastes. Immortals Fenyx Rising demo, again looked really nice visually but the gameplay .. well it’s no Bloodborne ;)

  5. Playing the second time through excellent Resident Evil 2, as Claire. I’m not that sure I remember all the most efficient paths and where things are, though.
    And, I also just revisited Untitled Goose Game, this time in co-op mode with my kids, we had lots of fun.

  6. Finally completed Stranded Deep this week. After the latest update it was a lot more stable to play and far fewer bugs and glitches. Great little game.

    Now deciding what single player game to try next…my backlog is huge.

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