Dauntless update 1.5.3 adds new Behemoth and Frost Escalation

Ready up Slayers, Phoenix Labs have unleashed their newest content drop for Dauntless, inviting you to the frozen wastes of Skaldeskar.

Dauntless update 1.5.3 is now available across all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S (via backwards compatibility). You will need to download and install this latest patch in order to access the game as it’s online-only.


Heading up this exciting update is the new Frost Escalation. As veteran Slayers will know, Escalations have you an up to three party members run a gauntlet of back-to-back Behemoth encounters. On higher difficulties you will accumulate points after each round and if the total is high enough you’ll get to face an elusive Behemoth.

As the name suggests, those who delve into the Frost Escalation will come up against ice element Behemoths as well as a few mutated variants. Skaldeskar will play host to the Deepfrost Skarn, as well as the Deepfrost Gnasher, and Deepfrost Embermane.

Of course, what master Slayers will be focusing on in 1.5.3 is the new Escalation boss, Urska. Bragging rights aside, you’ll want to hunt the Urska several times to farm valuable resources to create new weapons and armour.

Instead of straight-up increasing the difficulty of this new Escalation, Phoenix Labs have weaved in some advanced game mechanics. Slayers will need to fight off frostbite as they venture in Skaldeskar, a meter gradually filling as you play. Seeking out braziers, defeating Behemoths, and using pylons can help reduce this along with the newly introduced boons and avatar abilities that can be selected at the beginning of the Frost Escalation.

There’s a new Hunt Pass also up for grabs, too. Playing Dauntless and completing challenges will help unlock cosmetics and other items, including new Skaldeskar armour sets.

Dauntless 1.5.3 has also weaved in a number of rebalances, quality of life improvements, and economy changes.

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