Mario Golf: Super Rush tees off on Nintendo Switch this June

Mario Golf is coming back on Nintendo Switch with Mario Golf: Super Rush, coming out for Nintendo’s hybrid console on 25th June, bringing with it lush new graphics and a bunch of new game modes to swing through.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will feature a broad cast of Mario characters as you’d expect, from Mario and Yoshi to Daisy and Bowser, and it builds on the classic Mario Golf gameplay, with plenty of accessibility options to let you preview your shot and view the terrain.

In addition to playing with buttons as usual, you can also use the Joy-Con with motion controls, bringing back all the joys of swinging the Wiimote on the Nintendo Wii and occasionally getting a bit too close to smashing your TV screen. Of course, there never was a Mario Golf game for the Wii or Wii U; this will be the first time that Mario Golf has featured on a Nintendo home console since all the way back in 2003!

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What’s nice to see is that there’s also some new game modes for Mario Golf: Super Rush. Speed Golf sees everyone tees off at the same time and then sprint after the ball to get your next hit in as quickly as possible. There’s dashes and special shots to speed you along, and you can grab coins and super stars to get the edge over your rivals.

Then there’s Story Mode, which will bring out your Mii, dust them off and send themstarting you off as a rookie and letting you level up and grow your character. You’ll be able to take your Mii into the multiplayer modes as well.

The last Mario Golf game arrived on Nintendo 3DS all the way back in 2014. In our Mario Golf: World Tour review, Dan wrote:

I’ve really enjoyed my time with Mario Golf: World Tour. Despite feeling a little light on main courses, there’s more than enough content on offer, coupled with a great online mode and the usual Nintendo visual flair. This is a game that will keep you busy for quite some time.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will be out for Nintendo Switch on 25th June.

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