Miitopia is coming to Nintendo Switch in May

Nintendo have dusted off the quirky RPG Mii battler Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch, upgrading the old 3DS game for the newer console and releasing it on Switch on 21st May.

New features include being able to customise your Mii with make up and popping fancy pants wigs on their noggins. However, the fundamental adventuring will remain the same, a light RPG in which Miis battle and go on little adventures.

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Back in 2017, Dave reviewed the 3DS Miitopia, saying:

I wasn’t expecting to like Miitopia as much as I did, but it certainly had me hooked until the end. It’s deceptively long despite its rather basic premise and while the first two thirds are somewhat restrictive, the final third is when the game really comes into its own and shows off its true potential with compelling mechanics that are surprisingly deep. Miitopia is an odd duck for sure, but one that is very hard to put down once the hooks are in.

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