What We Played #486 Valheim, Guilty Gear Strive & Project Triangle Strategy

We’ve been playing an excessive number of games this week. I suppose that’s because a) we need to write about them, and b) some of us have small children to keep entertained. The top child-friendly choices are pretty much any Lego game, whether it’s got naughty dinosaurs in it or a party of dwarves eating an unsuspecting Baggins’ food. When the small people (not Hobbits) have gone to sleep, I’ve been playing some more Gears Tactics, the awesome demo of Project Triangle Strategy, Warframe, Guilty Gear Strive, Destruction AllStars, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, some more FFVII Remake – though I’ve definitely hit a lull there – and some EVE Online too.

Reuben was the first to check in this week, and he’s mostly been continuing through Bravely Default II (review incoming) with occasional dips back into Hades and God of War.

Meanwhile Jim has dabbled in some Valheim and Rocket League though most of his time has been spent dungeon-crawling in Moonlighter. He tells us, “It’s a perfect game for dipping in, completing a dungeon run, and then selling your loot to the punters that visit your shop before logging off. I’m reaching the end so can hopefully cross it off the backlog before moving onto something else.”

Aran has played more Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, saying “I tried River Raid mode which is decent enough for a free add on. I think I’m over the halfway point in the main game. Have 100% in most of the regions now.”

After playing an outlandish number of PC demos, Steve played some Early Access Rustler, telling us “it’s a fun medieval take on old top-down GTA”. He also died many times in the sadistic Green Hell, finished the charming Blue Fire after some patching, and immersed himself in the wonderfully weird life of Simon Foreman through some Astrologaster.

Ade has been playing Cyber Shadow for review “which absolutely isn’t so hard it makes me cry. Other than that I’m still on with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. I’ve gotta be getting close to the end of the main story by now, right? RIGHT?!”

Miguel has been playing a bunch of Apex Legends, but also got back into Overwatch for a hot second over the weekend, saying “I forgot that game was really fun!” He’s also played some Ys IX, some 30XX, and a wee bit of the Guilty Gear Strive beta.

In a clear step for regular programming, Tuffcub has played Destiny 2 and seemingly nothing else. Nick P has been smashing through Hitman 3, completing every challenge, telling us, “I’m about two trophies off the Plat. Then I’m moving on to do all the legacy content as well. I’ve set some pretty decent records too, placing top 50 in some of the global leaderboards.”

Gareth played Borderlands 3, after buying a season pass in the sale and has subsequently been playing “the Handsome Jack’s Casino Heist one, whatever it’s called”. Memorable then? Seemingly, it is; “It’s really, really fun. I’ve also replayed some Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order which is fun despite inexplicable frame rate drops during cutscenes and that damn map. I also tried Star Wars Squadrons prologue in VR, which was fantastic but I had to stop there because the rest wasn’t included in the trial I was playing. Oh, I also played a bit of the PS4 re-release of PS2 game War of the Monsters, which is about giant monsters fighting in cities. Pretty fun.”

And finally we come to Tef. The standout game that he played this week was Knockout City, taking a seemingly very simple foundation of dodgeball, and spinning into a quirky multiplayer game. His plan is to play Project Triangle Strategy this weekend though – he’s downloaded it at least.

How’s about you? What have you played this week?

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  1. Somehow, with some luck and trying about a dozen times, I managed to grab a PS5 from Amazon on Tuesday. So there were games of “follow the nice Amazon lady for 3 hours while she slowly takes it further away from me before eventually coming back to deliver it”. And then several games of “swapping external drives around, and copying loads of stuff between them and the PS4 to eventually get it all onto 1 shiny new 5TB drive, while swearing at Sony’s stupid decision to only let you plug in a single external drive”.

    I’m impressed by the PS5 though. Ok, it’s huge, but it’s so quiet. And actually starts (from turned off, not rest mode) quicker than my TV. Not impressed by the UI, which is just terrible so far. And not just because they swapped pressing and holding the PS button. It can get _very_ confused and slow at times, although that might be because it’s going mad doing something with the external drive. Like deciding to download all the updates for everything on there.

    Once it was all set up and the PS4 was dumping all it’s data on to the new drive, it was time for games. Or downloading the PS5 games that were on PS+ recently. And AC Valahalla.

    So, try Astro’s Playroom. As expected, a perfect way to demonstrate the new controller while being an entertaining game. Well done Sony, you’ve just completely sold me on the idea of those fancy new triggers.

    Then Bugsnax (a bit shit), Maneater (decent enough fun so far) and Destruction Allstars (not convinced either way yet).

    And AC Valhalla. Looks lovely, same old AC stuff. Includes tutorials on how to assassinate people for the 12th time. Or however many games there have been. Then I get to England, and I’m loving it.

    And somehow, in between all that, I gave some VR stuff a go. Hitman 3 seems to look a bit nicer. Possibly crowds appear at a greater distance than on the PS4. And NMS is a huge improvement. So much clearer. Maybe I had some sort of horrible eye condition and someone cured me while I was asleep? Or it’s some sort of witchcraft?

    So now it’s a weekend of really seeing what the beast can do.

    • Haha… I’m still confused every time whether I need to press or hold the PlayStation button to switch the PS5 off, after about 3 months…

      • I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually. It’s the other stuff that’s missing or just stupid that might take a while to get used to.

        Finding a game takes forever if it’s not in the half a dozen you’ve recently played. Shortcuts like pressing R1 to get to the right end to go into the library are missing. And then there’s no search in the library. But there’s a search button on the main screen, which took me a couple of days to realise you could jump to by pressing triangle.

        And Sony’s handling of external drives is terrible. Has been since the PS4. You’re only allowed 1 at a time, and it has to be connected directly, not through a hub. And then it takes ages to do whatever it does when you plug it in. On the PS4, that’s not a problem. It only affects things when you go into the storage settings to try and move the data (half an hour so far of “calculating”). On the PS5, the whole thing grinds to a halt for ages as soon as you plug it in if there’s a lot of data on the drive and you even think about doing anything with anything on the external drive.

        I’m glad I got hold of one though. It’s an impressive machine, the controller is a huge improvement (not keen on the rough texture on the sticks though), and the improvements to PS4 games, especially in VR, are probably worth it on their own. Although the speed of the SSD can lead to lots of waiting in multiplayer games when the others are still loading.

        I just think Sony probably should have waited a few months. A March release could have given them time to finish the UI and make enough that they might have been available to buy for hours at a time, rather than minutes. (Although that situation is improving. Amazon had them for about 5 minutes on Tuesday, instead of 5 seconds)

      • I maybe jump between PS4 and PS5 too often to get used to this change how the PS button works.
        This moving all games in the library thing is a mess, the UI overall would indeed have needed much more time to get right. They probably looked at stats and saw the average gamer got only a handful of games, and they forgot about those that use their consoles the most. Ads are an annoying thing for me: it got much better for now, but on Black Friday the dashboard was full of ads, it was very bad. Now I just got to look at Fortnite ads every time I switch off the PS5, a game I tried for a very short time years ago and had deleted quickly back then.
        Without 4k, the visual improvement are very small for various games I tried and compared, and none of the people I invited saw the same difference as e.g. for Demon’s Souls, which looks awesome. Maybe I need to try VR, but then you’re playing the PS4 version, as far as I understand.

  2. I’ve been playing Far Cry New Dawn, which seems to be going well so far, although the story is a bit crackers. I can definitely see why people think it’s more like an expansion rather than a full game and similar to Fallout.
    Also, more Everybody’s Golf on Vita. I’ve kind of rediscovered my love for Vita, it’s a shame it kind of got left behind by Sony.

  3. Lots of Valheim this week, exploring and learning the game reminds me of the early days of Minecraft

  4. A bit more Dragon Age Inquisition but that’s it. I can’t quite make my mind up on it… it’s ok so far, but not sure if it’s gripping me enough to sink another 40+ hours into it. I’ll give it a few more hours though and see… But I do like how quickly it loads! So refreshing after Fallen Order and Battlefront 2’s ridiculous loading times.

  5. Mario 3D Land and Bowser’s Fury. Loving it!

    Rattled off a few Lego platinums with my 7 year old before that. Ninjago, DC Super Villains and Star Wars: Force Awakens. We’ve got Marvel Super Heroes, Lego Movie and Batman 3 lined up for the next batch.

  6. God of War for me. I thought I would give it a try since it’s free on PS5, if I didn’t enjoy it I would delete it. I’ve completed the main story and just got a few favours left, plus a few items to collect. So you could say I’ve enjoyed it.
    What next to try from the PS Collection?

  7. Some Warzone, although I suck badly at this game, and some RE2, not much gaming overall.

  8. No change here, still playing Cyberpunk 2077. Looks like i’m getting plenty value out of it after all – i’ve played an additional 30 hours just mopping up events on the map since i paused the main campaign. Breach Protocol took me ages to figure out but when used with the other hacks i can now take out entire groups of enemies non-lethally and without ever being seen!

    I also tried the Ghostrunner demo, which seems to be an insta-death simulator. Or possibly i was not good at it.

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