What We Played #487 – Guilty Gear Strive, Fights in Tight Spaces & Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Down on the south coast of England, it feels like spring has well and truly sprung. For real this time. I’m not talking about the one and a half mildly warm days we had before all the snow and freezing cold a few weeks ago, I’m talking crisp air, bright sunshine, and daffodils. Lovely.

To tell you the truth – not that I’m under oath or anything – thoughts haven’t really lingered on gaming this week, at least not for kicking back and relaxing. While I was able to preview Returnal, this sadly wasn’t a hands on opportunity for us, and the other hands on preview time I had this week came with something that I can’t really talk about just yet. Neither can Dom.

Speaking of Dom, let’s get things started with my favourite person called Dom! This week he played a game that he can’t talk about yet, but complimented this with some things that he can talk about: he played more of Project Triangle Strategy on Switch, as well as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, for which he’s rather looking forward to seeing how much prettier it can get on PS5.

Aran’s pillaging of England continued this week, as he played more Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There’s just Hamptonshire, Sussex and Winchester left for him to 100%, but progress has been halted while he binge watches The Mandalorian and Wandavision.

Feeling more cooperative, Ade teamed up with his other half to polish off Trine 3 – “out of date news flash, that game is quite literally half finished!” – thankfully it didn’t put them off from then carrying on to Trine 4, which is already much better. Outside of that, he’s put his own viking exploits on hold to play Fall Guys and Hollow Knight – “both superb!”

It’s been a very mixed bag for Jim this week. There was the “awful” Taxi Chaos, juxtaposed with finishing off Moonlighter, defeating the final boss and upgrading his shop to a huge emporium. “I became quite hooked on Moonlighter’s mix of action-packed dungeon crawling and shop management, flogging my wares to NPCs then investing that cash in new gear and items.” While the DLC tempted him to continue further, he’s instead shifted gears to play The Pathless. “It’s a gorgeous open-world puzzler that has splashes of Journey, Zelda, and ABZU while also weaving in some archery action. The soundtrack is a real treat, too.”

Nic’s busy week at work meant he only really had time for a bit of Pokémon Go and a spot of Monster Hunter with his brother. A little more interesting was Gamoc’s week, as he played more of Spider-Man Remastered and Borderlands 3. He also We Were Here Together together with Tuffcub for review. Tuffcub played Destiny 2.

Nick P’s sneaky murderthon continued through the Hitman series – “Got a 4th place on one of the global leaderboards, so was really happy with that.” – as well as hitting up the Guilty Gear Strive beta and getting back into Street Fighter V.

Jason’s week has featured more of the “damn good good” Nioh 2, which he thinks more people should be talking about, as well as playing the “sublime” Fights in Tight Spaces, while Steve has managed to escape the jungle of Green Hell, before heading off to space in Yupitergrad on Oculus and playing Concrete Genie.

And finally for this week, Reuben was busy with the Bravely Default II review on Nintendo Switch, which was “mostly positive”, as well as checking out the Guilty Gear Strive beta which has “easily one of the best netcodes I’ve ever experienced in a fighting game.” High praise indeed!

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. I’m still getting my moneys worth with Cyberpunk 2077, 87 hours played now and dragging my heels towards the end.
    I also made a start and played a few hours of Borderlands handsome collecion which was on sale. It looks great with the UHD texture pack too.

    And i got a platinum for completing a little (teensy) game called Super Destronaut DX, a neat Space Invader type game with a selection of challenges to complete.

  2. A bit more DA:I. Found my first dragon… promptly got wiped out by said dragon! I’ll find another route… :)

  3. Still working through Far Cry New Dawn, planning on joining up with an overseas friend for the multiplayer trophy on Sunday. Hoping to complete it by next week.
    Also continuing work on Everybody’s Golf vita, although that was never going to be a quick completion!

  4. The PS5 finally settled down. It seems it really doesn’t like whatever it has to do if you plug an external drive in. Some sort of indexing going on that makes it all grind to a halt if anything else tries to access that drive. Like the big pile of updates it decided to do for old games.

    So then it was on to things to do with a new PS5.

    AC Valhalla is excellent. Better than the Origins/Odyssey. It looks nicer, and it’s a lot more focused. Less getting distracted by lots of random crap.

    Tried a bit more of the handy PS5 games that were on PS+. Bugsnax is still shit. Destruction Allstars is growing on me. And Maneater is very silly, if a bit shallow. And Control is actually playable on a PS5. And looks nicer. Might go for another platinum there.

    And a Platinum trophy from Astro’s Playroom. Some of those collectibles turned out to be annoyingly obviously hidden.

    Oh, and Dirt 5. From what I played, it’s lots of fun. Unfortunately, it’s a bit broken. It crashes after a few races, and eventually that corrupts your save data. And the PS5 seems very enthusiastic about uploading your save data. So several hours lost. And then it crashed again. 3 months after release, I can’t see them fixing it anytime soon. So it’s time to hassle Sony and get a refund.

    • The Dirt 5 issue is something introduced in the latest update and they’re working on it. To quote them on Twitter, “A fix for this is being finalised, and we’ll deploy it as soon as possible. This crash you’re experiencing only occurs in Career mode.”

      • It seems to have been an issue since before the latest update. Maybe the latest update added another bug that they’ll fix next time. But if the crashes have been happening for months, I’m not convinced they’ll fix them.

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