Valheim steams past the five million sales mark

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Iron Gate and Coffee Stain had announced that Valheim had passed three million sales. Now, a new announcement has confirmed that Valheim, which is in Steam Early Access, has now passed five million sales since being released a month ago. Valheim is also in the top five of Steam’s history when it comes to the number of concurrent players too. Only CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG and Cyberpunk 2077 have had better numbers.

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Richard Svensson, CEO of Iron Gate Studio, said:

Thanks everybody! Your response is amazing and we’re excited to continue improving the experience, as well as adding whatever Odin compels us to!”

Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing, said:

“Five million units is a huge milestone for any game, and to achieve this in four weeks is remarkable. We are incredibly proud to be by Iron Gate’s side as they continue to make history with Valheim, and we too are looking forward to the Hearth and Home update.” 

We recently went hands on with Valheim, Thomas sharing some thoughts on his time with the early access build of this up-and-comer:

Valheim, while a bit rough around the edges, has a number of genuinely nice touches to its gameplay. When cooking food, you have to actually stand by it as it cooks and take it off when it’s ready – leave it on for too long and you’ll be left with a piece of coal – but stand by a fire in a cramped space and you’ll start to die due to smoke inhalation. For a game that’s just entered Early Access, Valheim already feels like a mostly complete game.

The future feels bright for Valheim. With a solid arrangement of survival systems already in place, an engaging array of boss battles and plenty of extra touches, I can’t wait to see how the community shapes and guides this survival sim’s future development. This is definitely one to watch out for.

Will also had some things to say about Valheim’s appeal and you can read his thoughts in the article, “Valheim’s biggest triumph is its small realistic touches”

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