Hood: Outlaws & Legends latest trailer showcases The Hunter

The second oulaw type for Hood: Outlaws & Legends has been confirmed by Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive. Joining the Robin Hood inspired Ranger, who was announced a little while back, will be The Hunter who is essentially an assassin with hood and blade included. The Hunter also has a mini crossbow that allows her to fire three bolts at targets. She also has a smoke bomb to conceal areas, and has an invisibility skill allowing her to get close to enemies.

Here is more about The Hunter:

The Hunter is elusive and mysterious, with her quick takedowns, invisibility magic, and smoke grenades making her a terror in infiltration and assassination. Her main weapon is a modified arm-mounted crossbow, which can load up to three bolts at once to fire a deadly burst, giving her incredible lethality at close and mid-range. The Hunter’s ultimate ability is the Shroud, covering her with a near-invisible sheen and making her completely undetectable by guards. This grants her unique advantages in infiltration, letting her reach the treasure vault with ease, or assassinating the enemy backlines with terrifying efficiency. When it comes to supporting her band of outlaws, the Hunter’s smoke grenades can be used to prevent enemies from tagging teammates or to cover sightlines for a tactical advantage.

In Hood: Outlaws and Legends two teams of four, both outlaw gangs, compete against each other to find and steal treasures. Both teams also have to contend with the AI soldiers that are guarding the treasures. There are different approaches from going in face on or using stealth techniques to avoid detection and triggering the alarms. Hood: Outlaws and Legends will make use of the DualSense controllers improve haptic feedback, and given the setting, plenty of emphasis will be put on how drawing back on a bow and arrow will feel compared to a DualShock 4. However, the developers have said, “we’ll have more details to share later on how the game will be optimised for each platform,” and that will include plenty of optimisations for Xbox Series X.

Pre-ordering the game will get you early access starting May 7th, three days before the official release on May 10th. You will also get Forest Lords cosmetic pack for free which includes a skin for each character and weapon in the game. There’s also a Year 1 Edition available with gives you the base game, the first season which is free to all players, plus the three Battle Passes due to be released post-launch. The game will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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