Watch Dogs: Legion will have cross play added in a future update

Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer has had a pretty rocky launch. Just a little while before the multiplayer element was supposed to be added, Ubisoft delayed the PC rollout of it indefinitely due to bugs. On consoles, the Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer side was released but with a lack of Tactical Ops. Those Tactical Ops were postponed again due to bugs that could not be fixed in time for launch by Ubisoft. Fixing these bugs will currently be the priority for Ubisoft, but the company does have plans for other support of Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer down the line.


Twitter user Simone Perazzini requested that Ubisoft enable cross-generational play for Watch Dogs: Legion. The official Twitter account for the game responded, stated that cross play and cross-generational play would be added in a later update. It is unknown when this later update will be released to allow cross play, but it is unlikely to come before Ubisoft has sorted out the current bugs preventing Watch Dogs: Legion from running at all on PC, and in a limited capacity on console. Tactical Op mode is set to come to consoles on March 23rd.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s post-launch plan continues through the rest of 2021, with free updates adding a new Invasion PvP mode, new co-op missions and free characters, while Season Pass owners will have access to more DedSec missions, the Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline story expansion and new heroes that include Aiden Pearce from the original Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs: Legion launched around the time of the new generation of games console, touting ray traced graphics through the free upgrade to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, it also had its fair share of problems – on Xbox in particular, it took quite a long time for Ubisoft to resolve a save game bug – and this latest issue might not instil the greatest amount of confidence in fans.

Still, the game was a good attempt to inject new ideas and gameplay into the Watch Dogs open world series. In our Watch Dogs: Legion review, Miguel wrote:

Watch Dogs Legion is a different type of sequel to Watch Dogs 2, contrasting in its approach to creating a hackable open world playground, but with no less impressive results. Playing as any citizen in London leads to some less-than-engaging story moments, but the web of relationships and activities that crop up as a result of the systemic design is mind-blowing. I rarely did the same thing twice in Watch Dogs Legion, and if I did, I wasn’t doing it the same way twice. Watch Dogs Legion truly feels like a living, breathing world, and it’s a world that I plan to revisit often, even though I’ve seen the credits on the main story roll.

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