8bitdo Pro 2 controller revealed with new back buttons, built in profiles & more

8bitdo has revealed the 8bitdo Pro 2 controller, a follow up to their full-sized bluetooth gamepad first released in 2019. With new back buttons, built in profile switching and more, the 8bitdo Pro 2 will be available on 12th April 2021, priced at $49.99.


The 8bitdo Pro 2 adds several advanced features to the controller design. It now comes with two programmable back buttons that can mimic the inputs of other buttons on the controller. Built in profile storage and switching means that you can switch button mapping profiles on the fly, and a new 4-way switch allows you to swap controller modes more easily to connect to Switch, Android, D-input and X-input devices.

It is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Steam and Raspberry Pi, and comes in three colours: black, grey and a US SNES-inspired ‘G Classic’.

This is another solid evolution stemming from the company’s many retro designs. 8bitdo made a name for itself with simulacra of classic 80s and 90s gamepads, enhanced with modern wireless connectivity, before starting to branch out with customised versions of these controllers.

The SN30 Pro was an enhanced version of the SNES gamepad design, adding in analogue sticks and extra shoulder buttons to make for a great modernised SNES controller that was compatible with the Nintendo Switch right out of the box. This was tinkered with further to create the SN30 Pro+, adding ergonomic handgrips and full analogue triggers to the SN30 as well as letting you customise the controller’s mapping, vibration strength and more. The 8bitdo Pro 2 takes all of that a few steps step further.

Recognising the need for flexibility and a potential shift in gaming habits, 8bitdo are also producing a carry case for the controller, so that it can be safely thrown into a bag with other items, and a bespoke smartphone clip, tapping into the burgeoning audience of smartphone cloud gaming – separately, 8bitdo also produce an Xbox branded controller as a tie in with Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming.

Source: 8bitdo

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  1. If I needed a new Switch controller I’d probably get this one since it seems quality and it’s $20 cheaper than the official one!

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