Marvel’s Avengers – how to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 for free

When Marvel’s Avengers originally launched in September 2020, Square Enix promised that a free next generation upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S would be made available. In past several months we’ve seen plenty of games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and FIFA 21 make that same move, offering a hassle-free transition from PS4 and Xbox One with no additional cost.

It has arrived a little later than we had originally anticipated, but here’s how to upgrade Marvel’s Avengers from PS4 to PS5 for free.



Finding the upgrade option isn’t as straight forward as you might think and takes a little bit of digging. Firstly, you need to already own a copy of the game, whether you purchased Marvel’s Avengers via the PlayStation Store digitally or got yourself the physical PS4 version.

Marvel’s Avengers – how to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 for free

Once you’ve set up your PlayStation 5 and signed into the PSN profile used to originally buy Marvel’s Avengers, go into the PlayStation Store and look for the game. If it does not appear on the main store page along with other new releases then use the search function in the top right corner.

Even when you locate the page for Marvel’s Avengers, you may miss where to upgrade to PS5. If you press download then you’ll likely end up installing the PS4 version instead. When on the store page, look to the right side and you’ll see an icon for the PS5 upgrade (it’s sitting just above the trophies tab). We’ve attached a screenshot of below.

Important: You will need to keep the PS4 version to upgrade your save file! Click here for more details

Marvel’s Avengers PS5 features

This beefed up version of Marvel’s Avengers will support cross-generation online matchmaking allowing PS4 and PS5 heroes to team up. A cross-generation save file import has also been confirmed, so you won’t have to start the game from scratch. Sadly, Square have still yet to announce cross-play between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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Other key features included in the PS5 update include “significantly” faster loading times, spatial audio, haptic feedback (via the DualSense controller) and improved textures.

The studio have put together a handy infographic listing all of these details, comparing the native PS5 version of Marvel’s Avengers to the PS4 version running on PS5 hardware. It’s likely the jump from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S will yield similar improvements though this information hasn’t been made available.

Today also marks the release date of the “Operation: Future Imperfect” expansion. Completely free for anyone who owns a copy of Marvel’s Avengers, this adds a new series of missions that open a bonus story arc featuring Hawkeye. The bow-wielding Avenger will join the rest of the crew as of today with his own unique powers and upgrades.

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