Among Us new Airship map update arrives this month

It’s been a long wait for fans of the game, but the Airship map for hit deception multiplayer game Among Us will finally be released on 31st March 2021. The free update also brings a first stab at an accounts system.

Among Us is out now for PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch – Among Us is coming to Xbox later in 2021.


The Airship map was first revealed at The Game Awards 2020, with Among Us riding high on the sudden wave of interest and engagement with the game from August. The largest map in the game yet, it features a bunch of brand new tasks for players to complete (when they’re not getting offed by Imposters), as well as the ability to have different starting rooms to mix up game openings.

Given the small size of Innersloth, it’s taken them a few months to polish this map, cook up new gameplay ideas, and do the fundamental groundwork to improve the game’s infrastructure.

Accounts are a major undertaking, with the game currently just letting you create a new name for each session. New accounts will allow for a proper moderation system going forward, but needed Innersloth to organise servers to host the accounts, ensure privacy for those signing up, comply with laws around the world, and figure out how algorithmic moderation can work.

Among Us was one of the indie hits of last summer, despite actually having released all the way back in 2018. The game was rediscovered by Twitch streamers, with its paranoia-infused multiplayer making for a lot of fun and plenty of cross-channel collaborations. It helps that the game’s really cheap at just £4.

The game is built for 4-10 players, with one or more players being an “imposter”, and alien interloper who has to try and murder their way through the other players as they try to complete tasks. As murdered bodies are discovered, players report them and call a group meeting to bicker, accuse, and potentially kick someone out of an airlock.

We dove into the Nintendo Switch release last year, pondering what it could mean for the game’s future and the problems that Innersloth need to figure out before they can really bring the game to PlayStation or Xbox consoles.

Given how much buzz there is surrounding Among Us, it’s no surprise that Innersloth have sought to bring it to console, and Nintendo Switch is by far and away the most logical first platform for them to tackle. That said, they’ve clearly got their work cut out for them to make it truly feel like a first class citizen on the platform, ironing out the kinks and figuring out how best to translate the game to PlayStation and Xbox.

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