Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes shown in BioWare deep dive

Mass Effect creators BioWare have just dropped an in-depth blog, detailing an extensive list of changes fans of the series can expect to see when they pick up Mass Effect Legendary Edition later this year. Highlights include combat tuning for the entire trilogy as well as Mako improvements, and enhancements that seek to unify the three games (such as the refreshed character creation tools).


We’re a little over a month away before Commander Shepard and our favourite space crew of misfits return, Mass Effect Legendary Edition tagged with a May 14th 2021 release date on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also be available on new consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S) with some bonus enhancements.

To avoid any confusion, this is a remaster in the traditional sense and not a full-blown remake. Although BioWare have made some extensive changes here to modernise all three games, don’t expect Mass Effect Legendary Edition to introduce new or revised content. If you were looking for more dialogue, romance options, or perhaps a different ending, you won’t find it here. You won’t find any online multiplayer either.

One major focus of remastering the trilogy has been combat tuning. BioWare are now able to revisit 2007’s original Mass Effect and rework large portions of the game so they align with improvements made later in the series. Weapon handling is much more fluid and precise with tweaks made to enemies and bosses (such as headshot detection), BioWare also rebalancing character abilities while improving their cover shooting mechanics.

Meanwhile, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mako has been pimped out. One of the criticisms many had with Mass Effect was its vehicle sections which dropped you behind the steering wheel of the Mako. BioWare have worked in improved handling and camera controls as well as thrusters to help give the Mako a welcome speed boost.

Another unpopular feature – Mass Effect 3’s “Galactic Readiness” – has also been altered for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. For those who remember, this was a measure of how prepared Shepard’s allies were in the run-up to that final confrontation with the Reapers. Players could boost this meta level score by playing ME3’s online co-op mode, as well as earning extra point from the game’s mobile companion app. Galactic Readiness will no longer be impacted by these external factors.

Efforts have clearly been made to created a better sense of unity between the three action RPGs instead of having them exist in their own little bubbles. Mass Effect Legendary Edition will feature one launcher from which you’ll boot up Mass Effect and its sequels. All three remasters will use the same character creator, too. BioWare have promised a new set of trophies/achievements with some of these accolades carrying across the entire trilogy.

Source: BioWare

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