Enlisted open beta live – play WW2 shooter free on PS5, PC & Xbox

Enlisted is now officially in open beta, Gaijin Entertainment has announced. The World War II first person shooter is now free to download on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, with online crossplay enabled between the three platforms.


Having been in closed beta for a short spell (accessible through purchasing an Enlisted founder’s pack) the WW2 game is now free to play with progress and rewards having carried over. Here are the download links for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Developed by Latvian studio, Darkflow Software, Enlisted should feel familiar to Battlefield fans with its historic, class-based brand of online warfare. However, there are some key differences here, Enlisted marching into battle with a unique squad mechanic.

Instead of spawning as a single soldier, Enlisted’s default game mode will have you deploying a full squad instead. Playing as their leader, you can issue commands to your AI grunts, assuming control of surviving squad mates if you get gunned down yourself. Once a squad has been wiped you’ll unleash the next, each based on real-life army detachments who fought in WW2.

That’s another thing worth noting: Enlisted allows you to enrol in various campaigns. Right now you can select either Moscow or Normandy as your chosen theatre of war, each having their own progression bars as you play matches, unlocking new squads for the Axis, Allies, or Red Army.

We’ve been playing Enlisted for a couple of weeks now. Although a little unwieldy compared to big budget rivals Call of Duty and Battlefield, it’s been fun to play, each match feeling more like a huge battle rather than a skirmish. We’ll also be looking at how Gaijin and Darkflow plan to monetise the game and whether they avoid any potential pay-to-win pitfalls.

We’ll be bringing you our full Enlisted gameplay preview tomorrow. In meantime, existing players may want to take a gander at the latest Enlisted patch notes.

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  1. Looks at least worth a download for free.

    Possible pay to win thing going on. It’s got the traditional battle pass with free and paid versions. Sounds like you need to do 3 things to level up the battle pass, and there’s 50 levels. Or pay and get 9 “battle tasks” a day. So without paying, that’s 50 days to get to level 50. And the battle pass lasts 75 days. I’m guessing some of those task will be almost impossible. And they’ve put a trophy for getting to level 50 as well. Ok, so there’s the usual “you earn enough to buy the next one” so you should only have to pay once.

    And one of the rewards gets you a weapon with “high damage”. Possibly pay to win there?

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