Report: Kojima’s next game may be an Xbox exclusive

Yesterday the PlayStation Blog revealed a new PS5 exclusive game called Abandoned from Blue Box studios. The game, a first-person horror survival shooter, has seemingly photorealistic graphics and a dark ominous tone, but the studio itself has little to no presence on the internet.

This has lead to speculation that Blue Box is shell company set up by the master of deception, Hideo Kojima, to tease his new game which might be a new Silent Hill. It’s exactly the sort of thing he would do but Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb has thrown a spectacular spanner in the works by revealing that “according to a source familiar with the matter” Kojima is in talks with Microsoft to publish his next game.

He backs this up by referencing the Ludens statue, part of the logo for Kojima Games, that was spotted on Phil Spencer’s shelf back in February. Spencer has a history of teasing things via the medium of putting things on a shelf and had an Xbox Series S sitting behind him for a few months before it was officially revealed.

Ludens is standing to the right of the Xbox logo

When Kojima left Konami there was months of speculation and teases before Death Stranding was revealed, a game that was created using Sony’s Decima engine by Kojima’s new studio, which itself was set up with the backing of Sony. However, it was a one game deal and Kojima is free to release his next game on whatever system he likes. His team did spend a lot of time with Guerrilla Games, the Sony studio that created Decima, and enhanced the engine so they wouldn’t have throw all that away and start from scratch.

As for Abandoned, Blue Box is a real studio but they have just one Early Access game on Steam that they stopped updating a long time ago. That said, given Kojima’s love of deception he might have been mad enough to buy a defunct studio for few quid and then persuade Phil Spencer to put up the Ludens figure just for the lols.

It seems that, once again, Kojima is at the centre of a mystery and that is almost certainly what he wants, the sneaky fox.

UPDATE: Blue Box Game Studios director Hasan Kahraman has revealed he is a totally real person and not a Kojima sock puppet. “All I wanted to do is to tease our game. Regarding our social media presence, we’re a small team and not a big AAA studio, it’s already hard work to work on a highly polished game for PS5 so we really can’t spare the time to work on our social media presence full-time (while it is important),” he told IGN.

Source: PS Blog / Venturebeat


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  1. Nah this Abandoned is his game.

    HK are the initials of the guy running this mysterious game developer that is titled BB game studios🤣

  2. If a Kojima game was exclusive to Xbox I would be irritated.

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