Hitman 3 April Roadmap reveals the first two Elusive Targets

Hitman 3 has kicked off its Season of Greed, a batch of content that’s been branded to match the newly launched Seven Deadly Sins DLC season pass. To me and you, though, this is the April Roadmap of in-game events and content, including the first two Elusive Target missions for the game.

Hitman’s Elusive Targets have been a staple since the start of the World of Assassination trilogy. They’re one-shot missions where you have a single do or die attempt to scope out your target, take them out and get away with the murder. If you die, you die, and you won’t get a second chance.

Hitman 3’s first Elusive Target takes place in the Dartmoor level, as The Collector arrives on 9th April. The Season of Greed will also take players to Hawke’s Bay, a level that’s currently featured in the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack. It will see The Politician pop up at the remote location for a one-shot attempt to take her out.

That’s all in addition to the regular chain of seasonal events – the Berlin Egg Hunt is still ongoing – some games industry guests coming to create special Featured Contracts, and more.

Here’s what’s going on through the rest of the month.

  • Act 1: Greed / Seven Deadly Sins DLC – 30th March
  • Berlin Egg Hunt / Seasonal Event – 30th March to 12th April
  • The Collector (Dartmoor) / Elusive Target – 9th April to 19th April
  • Two Angry Gamers x Dubai & Dartmoor / Featured Contracts – 15th April
  • The Politician (Hawke’s Bay) / Elusive Target – 23rd April to 3rd May
  • The Jinzhen Incident / Escalation – 29th April
  • Achievement Hunter x Berlin, Chongqing and Mendoza / Featured Contracts – 6th May

Source: IOI

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