Hitman 3 connection failed – can you play offline?

Our biggest gripe with Hitman 3 (and the reboot trilogy in general) is the need to connect to the game’s online servers to access a number of key features.

During Hitman 3’s launch week, players have experienced frustrating connection failed messages with servers occasionally going offline. Sadly, it’s a common occurrence when it come to releasing a game that feature online multiplayer or requires an online connection.


If you’ve been playing Hitman 3 then there’s a good chance you’ve been stopped in the middle of mission, an in-game notification informing you that you’ve been disconnected from the servers. Can you still play Hitman 3 offline? The short answer is yes, though it comes with a number of compromises. In a nutshell you can still play through every main mission though any career progress won’t be saved.

Firstly, you won’t receive a mission score when completing a level in Hitman. The summary screen won’t display a star rating for your performance, nor will you earn any experience points.

Perhaps more crucially, playing offline will prevent you from completing challenges. This effectively stops you from gaining Mastery XP and means you won’t be able to unlock new loadout options such as weapons, tools, hidden stashes, agency pickups, and starting locations.

When the Hitman 3 servers are offline, you also lose access to three of its biggest game modes. Sniper Assassin missions are unplayable, as are player-made Contracts. Although IO Interactive have yet to add any Elusive Targets to the game, these will also disappear if you encounter a connection failure.

Thankfully, going offline doesn’t restrict your access to content from both Hitman and Hitman 2. You’ll still be able to play any story mission and location from the trilogy (as long as you’ve already redeemed them in Hitman 3).

Hopefully IO Interactive will one day update Hitman 3 with a workaround though it seems unlikely for now.

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