Enlisted game update rolls out weapon and map fixes

Developer Darkflow Software have deployed a new update for their free to play World War II shooter, Enlisted. The game update is now available to download and install; you’ll need to upgrade to this latest version first before diving into a match.


Enlisted gameplay preview – is it a Battlefield killer?

Enlisted game update (patch number will appear different on consoles) makes a number of fixes including some map and weapon refinements. Here are those patch notes in full:

  • Fixed a bug in Pokrovskoye City, where destroyed objects could sometimes spawn duplicates.
  • White heavy Fixed invisible orders at the first level of the campaign.
  • White heavy Fixed a bug where players did not get their soldiers or gold back in the Academy when cancelling training.
  • Fixed a bug where Backpacks appeared in the ‘secret obtaining method’ section.
  • White heavy You can now use enemy AA-gun mounts or Anti-Tank guns after killing the owner.
  • Changes for gamepad controls – Some actions will now cancel toggles like:
  • White heavy Shooting and aiming cancels sprinting
  • White heavy Changing posture to crouch or go prone cancels sprinting
  • White heavy Sprinting cancels aiming

Darkflow have also confirmed that they are changing how Battle Tasks work in Enlisted. These in-game achievements reward soldiers with weapons and personnel packs by completing specific objectives that carry over between matches.

Enlisted is officially now in open beta following a round of closed multiplatform tests earlier in the year – here are the download links for PCPS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Although the base game is completely free, there are microtransactions, Darkflow and publisher Gaijin Entertainment serving up four squad packs priced around £15 each.

Here’s what we thought of Enlisted when we went hands on with the intriguing World War 2 shooter:

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