Watch us play 45 minutes of Returnal from the start of the game

Want to see Returnal, the next big PlayStation 5 game in action? Then have we got the video for you! We live streamed the first 45 minutes of the game – a completely fresh save – and that video is now archived on YouTube below. Just click play and watch along!

Returnal is the latest game from arcade shooter specialists Housemarque, who have set their sights on making a much bigger game. Leaning on the roguelike genre for the game’s looping narrative and form, there’s also plenty of influences from other genres like metroidvanias and third person shooters, all built on top of Housemarque’s mastery of bullet hell.


Make sure to check out our preview of Returnal and the game’s first couple of hours.

Returnal is out exclusively for PlayStation 5 on 30th April 2021.


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  1. This looks really good watched several of the 45min play through’s including this one and I will be buying.

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