Monster Hunter Rise update 2.0 just added loads of new content

A month after the game’s launch, Capcom have released their first big title update for Monster Hunter Rise and, well, it’s quite a whopper.

As promised long before Monster Hunter Rise released, Capcom will be expanding its bestiary of monsters in update 2.0 with returning favourites as well as challenging variants. Alongside the Chameleos you’ll also be fighting the Kushala Daora, Teostra, Apex Diablos, and Apex Rathalos.


Monster Hunter Rise or World? Which game is better?

Of course, this also means new quests for hunters to take on, new weapons, armour sets, and equipment.

Here’s a new Monster Hunter Rise update 2.0 trailer giving us a peak at the new content that’s been patched into the game.

Capcom have done more than just recycle and patch in monsters from older Monster Hunter games in update 2.0. You can also expect new features and systems with the max Hunter Rank (HR) increased to 8, your Palico and Palamute companions also able to level up further. Progress further into Monster Hunter Rise and you’ll unlock the Layered Armour feature allowing you to visit the smith and tweak the look of your armour sets without changing the stats, slots, or resistances.

Update 2.0 will also add the option for players to customise the base appearance of their character using tickets, similar to Monster Hunter World.

For all of the changes that have been rolled out in Monster Hunter Rise update 2.0, you can find the official patch notes here.

In our Monster Hunter Rise review, we scored the Nintendo Switch exclusive an amazing 9/10:

Monster Hunter Rise is an incredible game. While it may not feel quite as ground-breaking for the series as World did, it boasts a stronger and distinctly Japanese identity, and the changes and streamlined gameplay simply focus on the franchise’s true stars – the monsters. Rise is easily one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch, and one of the finest Monster Hunters ever.

Source: Capcom

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